February 11th, 2013

Direct submission of workflows to PBS

 - jobstate.log refactoring. 

 - data transfer ( support for globus online) 

- lightweight tracing

 -  task stats. net link socket pegasus-kickstart . how much memory the task used and io used. 

 - add task stats to kickstart

 - ptrace

 - trace  linux equivalent is system tap


- dashboard improvements

 - single api for clients

 - last week drop down

 - performance run on large workflows.


February 4th, 2013

CCGrid / Pegasus Lite Paper

 - Performance section

 - remove the experiments section?


 - extra experiments section 

 - have the squid proxy cache

 - find a workshop to submit the paper


Cloud Paper

 - Ewa is working on it.


Git HUB Migration

 - couple of branches like monitord , pmc and dang are branches

 - svn will be made read only . 

 - update the website with all the development information

 - bamboo scripts

 - documentation ( long term )

 - nightly builds



SSH Submission

 - gsissh submission for blue waters

 - ssh to blue waters is required for OTP

 - passing of parameters to PBS

 - SSH key

 - ssh agent.

 - queue keyword

 - Batch session

 - submit jobs to HPCC

 - Gideon will do that. 

monitord memory explosion

 - long term for monitord 

 - pegasus-dagman replacement 

  minor release 4.2.1

 - potential monitord bug issue

 - long term dagman replacement

Response time for metrics page

 - occasionally it is slow