Meeting to discuss provenance issues in Montage and astronomy applications in general.

Vahi 14:30, 30 March 2009 (PDT)



Provenance in Astronomy

Historical Perspective

Examples from Astronomy

Metadata in Montage

Currently, a fits image is converted to jpeg. John stretches images till it looks nice. no standard metadata in astronomy for recording metadata for jpegs. There is proposal called AVM ( Astrophysical Virtual Metadata ) extension of XMP ( the standard that digital camera's use ). JPEG supports writing of metadata as text in the image. But people dont write it. Most products are in fits format. Astronomers create JPEG out of them.

What to log for Provenance

How to figure out what will be useful. Otherwise problem of too much provenance. 2mass data is fully archived. That is fully documented. The problem is if people create new products from the mission / 2 mass data and then information is lost. Sometimes people exclude input images that have air glow problem. The background image is black art, where they try to flatten out the background.

Scenario to trace defects in images

In general since the montage codes are deterministic we can only record provenance about the output data and not worry about intermediate data.

Things to do

Time Frames

Future Collaboration

New survey, satellite will be launched later this year. Focus on infrared astronomy. A new project pipeline is being built.
ST pipeline . Space Telescope pipeline to do automated processing of data from the Space Telescope.