Ewa Deelman, University of Southern California (co-chair)

Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin Madison (co-chair)


PIAffiliationProjectAward Number and linkURL
Stanley AhaltRENCIConceptualization of a Water Science Software Institute1216817 http://waters2i2.org/
Jay AlamedaNCSASSI:  A Productive and Accessible Development Workbench for HPC Applications Using the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform1047956 
David Anderson
UC Berkeley
SS1: Next-Generation Volunteer Computing
1148523 http://boinc.berkeley.edu
David AugustPrinceton UniversitySSI: Accelerating the Pace of Research through Implicitly Parallel Programming1047879 
Jogesh Babu

Pennsylvania State Univ University Park

SSE: Statistical software for astronomical surveys

George BirosGeorgia Tech Research CorporationSSE: Software for integral equation solvers on manycore and heterogeneous architectures1047980 
Philip BourneUniversity of California-San DiegoConceptualization and Analysis of a 3D Virtual Cell1216893http://itsb.ucsd.edu/
Richard BrowerBoston University
SSI: Scalable Hierarchical Algorithms for
Extreme Computing (SHARE)
Daniel BumpStanford UniversitySSE: Sage-combinat: Developing and Sharing Open Source Software for Algebraic Combinatorics1147247
Garnet ChanCornell UniversitySSE: General Tensor Software Elements for Quantum Chemistry, Tensor Network Theories, and Beyond1148287 
T. Daniel CrawfordVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityA Scientific Software Innovation Institute for Computational Chemistry and Materials Modeling1216823http://www.s2i2.org/
T. Daniel CrawfordVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySSI: Sustainable Development of Next-Generation Software in Quantum Chemistry1147794 
Ewa DeelmanUniversity of Southern CaliforniaSSI: Distributed Workflow Management Research and Software in Support of Science1148515http://pegasus.isi.edu
Gabriel Dos ReisTexas Engineering Experiment StationSSE: Supporting Generic Programming in C++ for Modular and Reliable Large-Scale Software1148461 
Anshu DubeyUniversity of ChicagoBuilding Community Codes for Effective Scientific Research on HPC Platforms1228696 
Kevin EliceiriUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSSE: SCIFIO: An Extensible Framework for Scientific Image Interoperability1148362http://loci.wisc.edu/software/scifio
Ian FosterUniversity of Chicago & ANLSSI: SciDaaS - Data Management as a Service1148484 https://www.globusonline.org/about/sponsors/scidaas/
Brent FultzCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCollaborative Research: Scientific Software Innovation Institute for Advanced Analysis of X-Ray and Neutron Scattering Data (SIXNS)1216643 
Ganesh GopalakrishnanUniversity of UtahSSE: Correctness Verification Tools for Extreme Scale Hybrid Concurrency1148127 http://www.cs.utah.edu/fv
Boyce GriffithNew York University Medical CenterSSE: Parallel and Adaptive Simulation Infrastructure for Biological Fluid-Structure Interaction1047734ibamr.googlecode.com
Matt JonesUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraConceptualizing an Institute for Sustainable Earth and Environmental Software (ISEES)1216894 
George KarypisUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesSSE: Software Infrastructure For Partitioning Sparse Graphs on Existing and Emerging Computer Architectures1048018http://glaros.dtc.umn.edu/gkhome/views/metis
Mike KirbyUniversity of UtahSSE: A GPU-Enabled Toolbox for Solving Hamilton-Jacobi and Level Set Equations on Unstructured Meshes1148291  
Akos Ledezci Vanderbilt UniversitySSI: Development of an Integrated Molecular Design Environment for Lubrication Systems (iMoDELS)1047828 
Dane MorganUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSSI: A Computational Materials Data and Design Environment1148011 
Dan NegrutUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

SSE Collaborative Research: SPIKE-An Implementation of a Recursive Divide-and-Conquer Parallel Strategy for Solving Large Systems of Linear Equations.

Assad Oberai
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSSE: Collaborative Research: Advanced Software Infrastructure for Biomechanical Inverse Problems1148111 
Vijay PaiPurdue UniversityConceptualizing an Institute for Using Inter-Domain Abstractions to Support Inter-Disciplinary Applications


Dhabaleswar PandaOhio StateSSI: A Comprehensive Performance Tuning Framework for the MPI Stack1148371 
Philip PapadopoulosUC San DiegoSSE: Fingerprinting Scientific Codes to Verify and Create Compatible System Software Environments1148473  
Beth PlaleIndiana UniversitySSE: Pipeline Framework for Ensemble Runs on Clouds1148359http://d2i.indiana.edu/cloud-for-climate
Jeffrey PotoffWayne State University
SEE: Development of a GPU Accelerated Gibbs Ensemble Monte
Carlo Simulation Engine
Viktor PrasannaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaSoftware Infrastructure for Accelerating Grand Challenge Science with Future Computing Platforms1216898http://future-compute.usc.edu
James PustejovskyBrandeis UniversitySSI: The Language Application Grid: A Framework for Rapid Adaptation and Reuse1147912 
John J. RehrUniversity of WashingtonSSE: Cloud-Computing-Clusters for Scientific Research1048052http://www.feffproject.org/scc/
Celeste SaguiNorth Carolina State UniversitySSE: Software Tools for Biomolecular Free Energy Calculations1148144 
Karsten Schwan
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
SSI: A Glass Box Approach to Enabling Open, Deep Interactions in the HPC Toolchain
Shawn ShaddenIllinois Institute of Technology
SSE: Lagrangian Coherent Structures for Accurate Flow Structure Analysis
John ShumwayArizona State UniversitySSE: Developing and Deploying Path-Integral Quantum Simulation Tools for a Broad Research Community.1148502http://phys-tools.github.com/pi-qmc/
Hirata SoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSSE: Adaptive Software in Quantum Chemistry1102418 
Edgar SpaldingUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonDetermining the Cyberinfrastructure Needs for Efficient Phenomics Research1216869 https://phenocept.discovery.wisc.edu/
Michael StonebrakerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySSE: SciDB - A Scientific DataManagement System1047955 
Ricardo TabordaCMUSSI:  A Sustainable Community Software Framework for Petascale Earthquake Modeling1148493 
David TarbotonUtah State UniversitySSI: An interactive software infrastructure for sustaining collaborative community innovation in the
hydrologic sciences
Sameer Tilak
UCSDSSI: Empowering the Scientific Community with Streaming Data Middleware: Software Integration into Complex Science Environments1148458 http://www.dataturbine.org/
Douglas ThainNotre DameSSE: Connecting Cyberinfrastructure with the Cooperative Computing Tools1148330http://www.nd.edu/~ccl
Gregory E TuckerUniversity of Colorado at BoulderSSE: Component-Based Software Architecture for Computational Landscape Modeling1147454 
TBD SSI: Open Source Support for Massively Parallel, Generic Finite Element Methods1148116 http://www.dealii.org/

Robert van de Geijn

University of Texas at AustinSSI: A Linear Algebra Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation in Computational Chemistry and other Sciences1148125 
Eric Van Wyk

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

SSE: Collaborative: Extensible Languages for Sustainable Development of High Performance Software in Materials Science1047961http://melt.cs.umn.edu/ielf-hpc-ms/
Jan VitekPurdue SSE: A Tracing Virtual Machine for Statistical Computing, 1047962http://r.cs.purdue.edu
Jan VitekPurdue SI2: Conceptualization: Dynamic Languages for Scalable Data Analytics1216853 
Ross WalkerUniversity of California-San DiegoSSE:Sustained Innovation in Acceleration of Molecular Dynamics on future computational environments: Power to the People in the Cloud and on Accelerators1148276http://ambermd.org/gpus/
Shaowen WangUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign SSI: CyberGIS Software Integration for Sustained Geospatial Innovation1047916http://cybergis.cigi.uiuc.edu/
Michael Wilde
University of Chicago Computation InstituteSSE: Enhancement and Support of Swift Parallel Scripting1148443 http://www.ci.uchicago.edu/swift
Nancy Wilkins-DiehrUniversity of California-San DiegoThe Science Gateway Institute (SGW-I) for the Democratization and Acceleration of Science1216870http://sciencegateways.org
Theresa WindusIowa State UniversitySSI: Developments in High Performance Electronic Structure Theory1047772 
Xiaodong ZhangOhio State UniversitySSE: A Unified Software Environment to Best Utilize Cache and Memory Systems on Multicores1147522 
Vineet YadavStandford UniversitySSI: Real-Time Large-Scale Parallel Intelligent CO2 Data Assimilation System





Invited Participants

Neil P. Chue Hong,  Director, Software Sustainability Institute, EPCC, http://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/about-us/staff/chue-hong-neil/

Gideon Juve, University of Southern California,  http://www.isi.edu/~gideon/

James Howison, University of Texas at Austinhttp://james.howison.name

Michael McLennan, Purdue University, http://hubzero.org/members/1016

Jarek Nabrzyski,  University of Notre Dame, http://crc.nd.edu/index.php/aboutcrc/92

James Taylor, Emory University, http://bx.mathcs.emory.edu

Von Welch, Indiana University, http://www.vonwelch.com/about/