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Attending: Dan, Taghrid, Chris, Fabio, Karan and Prasanth




Attending: Dan, Chris, Gaurang, Fabio, Priscilla, Gideon, Karan and Prasanth

To Do's


Provided by Dan

Attending: Dan, Chris, Gaurang, Fabio, Priscilla, Gideon (I think)

Agenda items:

Notes for each item:


Attendees: Priscillia,Marcos, Fabio, Karan, Gideon, Monte and Prasanth



Attendees:Dan, Monte, Priscillia, Fabio, Karan, Gideon and Gaurang



task id

Changes to the schema

Paper Deadline


Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection Code


F2F meeting at USC
Attendees: Dan, Karan, Gaurang, Martin, Chris, Fabio, Marko, Prasanth, Gideon, Monte, Ewa



Outstanding Issues

Near-term Plans

Broker Architecture

Relation to Future Grid


Face to Face meeting at USF
Attendees: Chris, Monte, Jim , Karan, and Chris students

  1. Jim has a restful api sitting on top of Mongo DB that can answer question about state of the workflow. The API can be used to populate the GUI that Prasanth has working at
    1. The API right now only talks to Mongo DB backend. But Jim and Monte will work together to present this API as the API for any backend. Hence, the GUI part is independent of whether the data is loaded in sqllite/mysql or mongo db.
  2. Chris team have a mockup of what they think the dashboard should look like. They will send out the details of it. We then can decide how Prasanth's GUI needs to be updated to incorporate that functionality/layout
  3. Chris team will be developing charting solutions in Flex. Chris and Jim feel flex is good for visualizing data especially for the larger scale workflows like SCEC has. As far as possible we should try to have a single dashboard, with embedding flex objects in GWT where required rather than two dashboards being developed. One in GWT and one in Flex
    1. An open question is about embedding flex objects in GWT.
      It looks like it is possible

Action Items


Attendees : Ewa, Dan, Chris, Martin, Gaurang, Karan, Fabio, Raphael, Gideon

Gaurang suggested STAMPEDE : Simple Tools for Archiving, Monitoring Performance and Enhanced DEbugging

Fabio to upload tar/txt file of events to the Wiki. Send netlogger events to socket..

First cut to try doing sqlite uploads from listener.

Change the way tailstatd writes to Local DB. Use Netlogger api to write netlogger events and then write to Mongo-DB or SQLite.

Stampede NMI Builds

Get account for DAN at ISI and NMI

Write ant scripts to pull netlogger pieces from SVN and add to pegasus builds..F

Do benchmarks on the SCHEMA to run queries efficiently.