Before the Student Arrives

CIS Account


Default group: pegasus.

Group Number: 23

Office, Badge

Ask Lorna to find an office for the student. Try to avoid offices without a window.

Lorna will also get an ID badge for the student. Make sure they get a key that works for their office.

Ask Lorna to create a basic computer account for the student. He will need a project account to charge it to.


Loaner or a new laptop


Create a CIS ticket to add the student to the mailing list.

After the Student Arrives

Wired Access for Student's Laptop

Register student's wired NIC address with CIS from

AD Setup

Action should have sent an email about the student's account along with a username and temporary password.

Change password

Set Duo

Set Okta

Add to Crowd

Add student to Crowd's isi directory with ccg-users, confluence-users, jira-users, bamboo-users groups

Sync user directories in JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, etc.

Add to Salt

Add student to salt stack.

Add to Slack

Add to USC Slack

Add to Pegasus Slack


Give the student write access to Confluence via Crowd.


Have the student set up their email client to access their ISI account.

Set up SSH Keys


NSF has a new requirement that all students (undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral) must have had training in Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) before being supported (i.e., paid) by NSF.

An online RCR certification system has been set up for this purpose. It is found here:

Please note the following requirements as they apply to all VSoE students:

Papers to Read

List of Pegasus papers:

Older Pegasus Papers:

HTCondor Papers

Optional grid papers: