As pegasus-monitord parses the various files in a workflow directory (braindump, workflow-map, dagman.out file), it will generate NetLogger events that can be used to populate a database using the Stampede schema. All events have the "stampede." prefix.

As of 4/22/11 the "schema" for these is encoded using Yang. The output of YUMA's "yangdump" utility is used to document the schema.
In addition, the newly-added NetLogger nl_loader "xml" output can be used to validate sample events against the Yang schema.


You can validate instances of NetLogger BP files after converting them to XML with nl_load, using the yang2dsdl tool.
First install pyang. And, of course, the NetLogger Toolkit.

$ nl_load xml -f input-file.bp netconf=true > input-file.xml # add 'pretty=true' for readable XML
$ export PYANG_HOME=$HOME/local # modify to your pyang location
$ export PYANG_XSLT_DIR=$PYANG_HOME/share/yang/xslt
$ export PYANG_RNG_LIBDIR=$PYANG_HOME/share/yang/schema
$ yangfile=/path/to/stampede-<date>.yang
$ yang2dsdl -v input-file.xml $yangfile


To generate documentation you can use yang dump utility. It will generate documentation for all the .yang files in the directory.

$ yangdump --format=html --subtree=. --defnames=true       --output=. --log-level=info --html-div=true       --html-toc=menu --urlstart=/modules --simurls=true



Current - Compatible with Pegasus 4.6

Yang File
Yang File as HTML

Current - Compatible with Pegasus 4.0

Yang File
Yang File as HTML

Corresponding 4.0 clustered Montage workflow

Old - compatible with Pegasus 3.1.x

Yang File
Yang File as HTML


Corresponding 3.1 clustered Montage workflow
Corresponding 3.1 clustered Montage workflow including errors