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February  2019

February 1st 2019

  • 4.9.1 Release
    • Pending Issues
      • This raises the larger issue of how long we want to support externals packages

        there are some packages we need to ship because of worker packages dependencies.

        We remove mysql python externals package for 4.9.1 and 5.0.0

        And also remove the dependencies from our deb and RPM builds.

      • Transfers within containers
        • We are only going to transfer from within the container till people complain
        • George Papadimitriou will add to the documentation.
      • non ascii encoding in the stdout
    • Support HPSS storage
  • Office Hours
    • George on real time monitoring.
      • Date?
  • EScience?
    • Paper
    • Tutorial submission

February 1st 2019

  • 4.9.1 Release
    • ascii encoding breaks while parsing for monitoring events. monitors should have the population working and have log a warning error.
      • but we should ensure that stdout in database still gets populated
      • Karan will fix this
  • New TC Format
  • Shifter Support in Pegasus
    • is in 4.9 branch
  • Pegasus Annual Report
    • will be working on it in coming weeks
    • will ask for input
    • next year report will be tricky . in terms of effort allocation.

January  2019

January 25th 2019

  • 4.9.1 Release
    • ascii encoding breaks while parsing for monitoring events. monitors should have the population working and have log a warning error.
      • but we should ensure that stdout in database still gets populated
  • YAML format for the TC
    • the line numbers should be mentioned in the errors
  • GitHub commits don't trigger bamboo builds right now
    • move to webhooks?
    • slack token in bamboo.yml . 
      • mats will look into it further
  • SCEC for HPC Transfer certificate issue
    • Globus online certificates messed up hpc-transfer issue.
  • Data Storage at NERSC
    • almost full
  • Singularity container with the entry point.
    • docker → singularity container conversion does not add the entry point.

January  18th 2019

  • 4.9.1
    • container execution
      • data transfers happen within the container
      • python3 issue
      • vague rules to discover what python to use
    • Singularity HUb URL's updated
      • Documentation and tutorials need to be updated
      • montage examples
      • python stuff: create JIRA item
    • LIGO pull requests
      • Build pull request
      • PAM module
      • subprocess package thing
      • also related to Python3 movement
  • Transformation Catalog Implementation
  • Astro Py
  • Shifter support at NERSC
  • Panda Integration
    • Rusio data pull in 
    • fetching data might be easier
  • Journal Paper
    • need to write something about containers

December  2018

December 13rd, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.9.1 release
    • local site catalog entry creation
      • based on the pegasus version on the submit host
    • encoding issue in the stdout.
  • Pegasus 5.0 Release
    • TC yaml implementation
      • mukund will create a yaml schema compatible with the TC
    • backwards compatibly 
      • case by case basis
      • definitely for
        • catalogs
        • dax 
        • pegasus-transfer
  • SWIP Paper
    • we are in good shape
  • Titan
    • under the PBS batch gahp.
  • ZTF
    • the pipeline is based on docker-compose
    • peter will visit ISI with postdoc Danny in January
  • Tutorial at TACC
    • karan has updated pegasus-init to work on wrangler
    • will update the tutorial notes accordingly 
  • OLCF accounts
    • make sure they work 
    • get karan and mats can login

November  2018

Nov 29th, 2018

  • Ryan
    • working on comparison paper with george on workflow systems
    • mats, karan shared neon meeting notes with Ryan
  • Pegasus 4.9.1 release
    • Due for december end
    • potential issue in monitord in reference to hierarchal organization of submit directories
    • pegasus-submitdir
  • ADASS Paper
    • due tomorrow
    • need to add information about sample run
  • SWIP paper
    • mats and karan will work on it tomorrow afternoon.
    • cull out sections
    • add information about updated monitoring in 4.9
  • OLCF Kubernetes 
    • Condor is installed and configured as root
    • George tried condor log directory to lustre as condor in container has to run as user not as root
    • LOG_DIR should be /tmp
    • volumes can be attached to container to contain workflows etc
  • Dynamo 
    • Do dynamic scheduling
    • George thinking of using flocking
    • similar to what is done in OSG
    • non-sharedfs deployments should work

Nov 1st, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.9.0 and 4.8.5 Released
    • We released it this week.
  • Pegasus Business Card
    • Advocate for job postings. 
      • Postdoc options
      • Programmers
    • We should take to conferences with us
  • Pegasus JAVA 8 dependence in RPM
    • there is a disconnect between RPM and
    • Karan working on a wlpipe demo example
  • New Student
    • Mukund 
  • Duncan started using 4.9.0 and has updated pyCBC to use singularity
    • changed our container execution model
    • all transfers done within the container now.

October  2018

Oct 12th, 2018

  • Rescheduling meetings
    • New time is Thursdays 2PM starting from last week of October
  • DAX APi reporting
    • Perl DAX API - Rajiv
  • Atlas visit
    • Wednesday we have Scientific Computing Seminar
      • Will involve writing a Pegasus code generator
      • Panda is second biggest after Condor on OSG
    • Thursday 
      • Karan and George will be there.
      • Mats might be available remotely
  • 4.9.0 Release
    • Mats preference is to skip the beta tag
    • Aim for the full release
    • Documentation freeze on Oct 26th
    • Try and do the builds over the weekend
  • Duncan container usecase
    •  cvmfs hosted container images
  • Demo repository
    • panorama data and some runs from exogeni / nersc
    • Mats has two new elastic search VM's and are part of Elastic Search cluster
    • these vm's data is backed up also

Oct 5th, 2018

  • Rescheduling meetings
    • Either Tuesday or Thursdays
      • Karan will circulate a doodle poll

September 2018

September 28th, 2018

  • Rescheduling meetings
    • Either Tuesday or Thursdays
      • Karan will circulate a doodle poll
  • Pegasus 4.9.0 Release
    • transformation selection issue
      • karan has not been able to recreate it yet.
      • will look into it more today
    • docker singularity pulls
    • container symlink 
    • deprecate api's
      • modify DAX generators to indicate version/ DAX API used.
      • will look into ways on how to do it
        • one way is workflow metadata attributes
        • second is attribute to ADAG object.
      • rajiv will check how it gets stored in the metrics server
    • will try and do a poster with Mike at ADASS
    • deadline is Oct 8th

September 21st, 2018

  • Rescheduling meetings
    • Either Tuesday or Thursdays
  • Pegasus 4.9 release
    • integrity error reporting
      • pegasus-statistics reporting information about integrity errors
      • the unicorn dashboard for internal swip purposes
        • errors are appearing in the stream
        • more brainstorming required. the data is there
        • not clear whether to use grafana or kibana
          • does not have drill down functionality
          • mix of production and test workflows
          • create different queues in AMQP exchanges
    • container mount point support
      • karan is close to have that being implemented
    • transferring outputs to multiple location
      • lets say one for portal and the other for 
      • list of output sites
      • good feature to add for 4.9.1
      • update --output-site option to pegasus-plan
    • pull docker images for singularity runs
      • we should do for 4.9.0
      • planner needs to tell pegasus-transfer an extra attribute. 
        • add a type attribute
    • Papers 
      • Github private papers repo
    • Deprecate stuff
      • perl api
      • old catalog formats
      • pegasus-plots
    • Hiring

August 2018

August 24th, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.8.4 Release
    • when are we releasing?
      • next week before mats go on vacation
  • error tagging
    • update stampede schema to add a table called tags
    • will allow us to capture number of integrity errors

August 17th, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.8.4 Release
    • RPM fix ? 
    • mats will manually verify
    • Karan should follow up with Stuart
  • AMQP filtering
    • we are working on having filtering in built into monitord
    • nepomunk already has 33 errors identified
    • we need to db connection, pegasus-db-admin and other tools to pass properties with pegasus property prefix stripped off
  • SWIP Paper
    • one reject seems to be harsh
    • we can try for HPDC also

August 3, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.8.3 Release
    • Design Safe / TACC on Wrangler headnode
    • Nextflow has integration with SLURM and everything can be installed in user space
  • PMC unit tests are broken
    • lets fix the tests
  • Pegasus 4.9 release
    • more real life runs
    • nepomunk against ceph-s3 from one of uchicago machines
    • we need to get stats reported for integrity errors
      • larger issue of error classification
  • ADASS Tutorial
    • we got into second round
      • add on exercise to run montage in the end.
  • LIGO
    • Bruce group at AEI Hannover has left LSC
  • Infrastructure
    • HipChat mess
      • should we move to ISI Slack
    • Public Chat feature
      • Some clients for Hipchat
    • Get a free channel from Slack
      • for all Hipchat rooms
      • what about ISI slack?? 
    • Github removal of old integrations
  • MINT Meeting
    • went well overall 
    • issue of scoping . 

July 2018

July 27th, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.8.3 Release
    • VM Tutorial
      • will update pegasus-init requirements to get it working
      • main tutorial chapter will be updated for 4.9
        • because then tutorial based container may not work
    • change how docker scripts set environment
    • SCEC database loading error
  • Failing Tests
    • Issue in updates to the dashboard database
  • Panorama Paper
    • agreed on a re-organization

June 2018

June 29th, 2018

  • Pegasus
    • 4.8.3 needs to be released because of singularity launching options
      • will wait till tutorial is updated. 
      • karan will update pegasus-init with population modeling or povray option
    • 4.9
      • pegasus-statistics updated with integrity metrics
      • how to flag job errors because of integrity
        • need to figure out logic
        • value add proposition
        • maybe we should value type in the pegasus lite 
      • need to implement the integrity dial
    • Start creating default local site entries to execute without local site
  • ADASS Tutorial
    • Will submit today 
    • Google doc shared

June 22nd, 2018

  • Pegasus
    • SWIP paper submitted to escience
    • 4.8 montage tests failing
    • changes for integrity metrics in pegasus-transfer
    • updated monitord to parse events from various sources like pegasus lite output
    • mats pointed out to a bug in monitord
  • LIGO
    • pip for python source package
      • update dependencies for latest packages , like pyopen ssl
      • install in the pip repository
    • pegasus-analyzer
    • interested in swip and containers.
    • will use containers
    • run on Comet
  • 1000 genome workflow or use chimerica workflow
  • ADASS Tutorial
    • montage ? 
    • probably pycbc is also submitting a proposal

June 8th, 2018

  • Scott Replica Catalog issue
    • Replica Catalog deletes take a long time
  • Bamboo
    • bamboo emails are no longer received. so we dont come to know about workflow plan failures
  • SWIP 
    • monitord integrity changes.  population of data from ks records working now.
    • we still need to populate data from pegasus lite records and pegasus-transfer
    • pegasus-statisitcs need to be updated
    • 0.1% overhead on production osg gem workflow
  •  Pegasus deployment at ORNL
    • we should be doing it similar to hpc-pegasus
  • Pegasus Office Hours
    • next one in August
    • travels in July

May 2018

May 4th, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.8.2 Release done on May 3rd
  • we should consider separate user data to a separate file on pegasus-wms
  • si2 meeting updates
    • some potential new users
    • ewa slides were a good overview summary
    • integrity data schema changes. 
    • monitord changes need thinking

April 2018

April 6th, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.8.2 Release
    • PMC bugs
    • tutorial for usc hpc
    • no longer allow + or . in the names
  • Pegasus Report
    • Submitted for Ewa' review
  • SWIP test run
    • discovered integrity errors in the wild
    • at colorado and university of nebraska
      • we would have not caught it before
    • e-science paper

March 2018

March 30th, 2018

  • SWIP
    • pegasus-run issue, with wf restarting from scratch
      • because dagman rescue file is not there.
      • so should we update pegasus-run to look at the dagman.out file
        • so far we think it should be kept consistent with normal dagman behavior
        • to de discussed at condor week
    • mats created a Jira item for swip related statistics
    • Things remaining
      • Dials to be implemented
      • stampede changes
      • pegasus-transfer changes???
  • SC Tutorial Submission ( April 16th) 
    • We should try and add exercises for containers
    • We will try for half day
      • 45 minute introduction
    • Feedback from Arizona Container Camp
      • There is interest.
    • coming up with an existing application that people understand or can relate to
      • montage - complex dax generator
      • rosetta
        • only works in nonsharedfs stuff 
        • with 
      • machine learning example?
        • with tensor flow?
        • requires container
      • NVIDIA has a lot of examples about machine learning
        • has to be multistep
        • and at least bag of tasks
      • Ashwin is doing some tensor flow stuff
        • on
        • is working out of  jupyter notebook
      • Genome sequencing workflows??
        • use Broad GATK sequencing workflow to use
        • SOYKB and IRRI use GATK
        • and are huge communities
  • Pegasus Report
    • we should be resolve Jira items as we fix them
    • will be also doing cumulative statistics 
  • Pegasus Office Hours
    • Jupyter Notebooks
    • will update the example to use namd example used for Oakridge
  • Panorama Stuff
    • our multiplexing part in monitord done so far
      • however we are relying on amqp queues and routing keys for filtering
    • darshan data population
      • we need to invoke a script (pegasus-darshan) that will be invoked in the namd wrapper script, to pull the data from darshan logs on the file system and generate an ASCII output
    • VM
      • AMQP
      • Logstash
      • Kibana
      • Elastic Search
        • Make it do a backup every so often.
        • Warns against doing it as a permanent datastore
        • Rajiv will verify
      • Influx
    • Backups
      • CRASH PLAN backup for the /srv and /opt in the panorama VM
  • LIGO Database locked issues
    • we need to look into the locking issues by tinkering with monitord flush intervals

March 16th, 2018

  • SWIP
    • Most of the SWIP stuff is done as far as planner changes and getting the workflows running
    • we are in a position to share something
    • To do
      • sharedfs
      • Dial implementation
      • Update monitoring
      • Paper submission for EScience
  • Pegasus Reports
    • new applications to attribute to pegasus grants
    • all the mike wangs work will go here
    • SCEC
    • LIGO - need to ping Duncan
  • Panorama/ Pegasus workflow endpoints
    • We seems to be going towards AMQP
      • How is AMQP going to be configured
      • So far we have 
        • amqp://[USERNAME:PASSWORD@][:port]/<exchange_name>
          Online monitoring in kickstart 
          • amqp://[USERNAME:PASSWORD@][:port]/<virtualhost>/<exchange_name>
      • Virtual Hosts
        • right now virtual host is hardcoded in monitord code. we set it to pegasus
        • global - across workflows
      • Exchanges
        • should be global across workflows
        • type direct - in panorama
        • we want them to be type -> topic instead
      • Queue
        • in panorama different queues for each workflows
      • Routing Keys
        • the routing key should be based on stampede event names
      • Events populated

February 2018

February 23th, 2018

Eliminate support for Py2.6?

Python Dependencies

All - future

pegasus-service - Flask, SQLAlchemy, Flask-SQLAlchemy, Flask-Cache, pam, plex, pyOpenSSL, ordereddict

pegasus-monitord - SQLAlchemy

pegasus-analyzer - SQLAlchemy

pegasus-s3 - boto

pegasus-globus-* - globus-sdk

pegasus-init - jinja2

pegasus-metadata - argparse

pegasus-em - requests

PostgreSQL - psycopg2

MySQL - MySQL-Python OR mysqlclient

Note: Packages in green are available from yum.

February 9th, 2018

  • SWIP 
    • checksum computation will be implemented in pegasus-transfer. 
      • allows us to handle the case where the input files don't have checksums in the RC
    • integrity checks are disabled now for files that dont have checksums in the RC
    • dial knob
  • Tests
    • seem to be slow
    • bamboo could be moved to the new server
    • storage constraint test
  • Lizard FS
    • Mats will give an update next time around
  • Servers
    • Trying to do two server
    • IF we buy one server
      • Buy a storage server. That is Mats preference.
      • SoyKB workflow has
    • Compute 
      • we will get a compute server first. 
    • We should figure out the server and put in the request soon, and done by Feb end
  • LSST
    • Tom Glanzman? 
    • We will touch base on Monday with Tom and Nersc folks
  • Office Hours today
    • have a presentation on containers
    • will upload on the website

January 2018

January 12nd, 2018

  • AWS Batch
    • seems to be running in karan's account.
    • update documentation about aws batch
  • Pegasus 4.8.1 Release
    • upto Mats whether we should tag or not.
  • Pegasus Office Hours
    • Rafael will look up a new name
    • Container Presentation
      • Talk about containers
      • Blue Jeans 
    • Advertising avenues
      • XSEDE workflows list
      • OSG List 

December 2017

December 1st, 2017

  • AWS Batch
    • Client done. still have to figure out about stdout and stderr
    • maybe we should have batch push the files and control where the jobs go in
    • also maybe each file should go to it's own stdout stderr
  • Metrics for SWIP
    • Stampede
    • Metrics Server
    • Elastic Search
  • Rajiv working on changing the salt configuration
  • Model Integration with Wings

November 2017

November 10th, 2017

  • Pegasus
    • AWS Batch
      • checked in stuff
      • jars checked in aws sub directory in the jars folder.  pegasus-config classpath is updated accordingly
    • Bamboo builds
      • change in how users are handled
      • rajiv and mats worked on changing the salt configuration for the various machines
        • the major part changed was how the users are handled
        • the bamboo user got messed up and uid's were mismatching on the filesystem
        • main group for people unix accounts should be pegasus for everybody
        • only project users will have access to VM's for a particular project
    • Stewie Rebuild
      • move off stewie. the main OS needs to be updated
      • parnorama
        • Rafael and Geroge will create a VM for panorama
          • CENTOS 7
            • mats will help George create VM
          • Ashwin consumers from Influx DB
      • mysql server
        • Pegasus metrics server
    • JSON vs YAML
      • initial impressions seem to favor yaml
        • YAML does have benefit of including comments
        • also YAML , JSON will result in additional lines
    • templates for site catalogs
    • LSST
      • mats will update documentation for pyglidein 
      • to work with condor pool passwords thing
      • also will take mike site catalog to update NERSC entries
    • tests
      • rosetta and montage appear working again. not clear what triggered errors in first place
  • SC Next week
    • Rafael and Karan are away
  • AWS workshop for LIGO
  • George Panorama work
    • Dakota ends up launching multiple Pegasus workflows based on it's gradient functions
    • using ensemble manager to do multiple runs 
    • George will check in dakota test case and example
      • pick one approach and update documentation
    • SWIP Demo
    • think about merging stuff from panorama back to production branch
  • work with ian foster and raj kettimutt on globus online
    • do multi site run
  • Tudo
    • working on insitu
    • data spaces approach to have staging area
    • tudo wrote sample applications
    • evaluating on CORI using shared memory
    • burst buffers cannot be used
  • Ashwin
    • analyzes influx db data
    • using statistical learning
    • python panda library

November 3rd, 2017

  • Pegasus 4.8.1 release
    • 3 bugs in worker package staging.
    • pegasus-transfer PYTHONHOME unset does not work
    • hierarchal workflow handling. 
      • to be discussed tomorrow
  • AWS Batch
    • need to check in changes.
    • need to add options for the client and do error checking.
    • still need to figure out how to integrate in pegasus

September 2017

September 15th, 2017

  • Pegasus development
    • Dashboard
      • LSST might want it running out of a directory other than $HOME/.pegasus 
      • No plans to tackle it right now. requirements are vague. and catch 22 situtation
    • Python problem with Pegasus install
      • DAX3 problem does not work.
      • Could not be recreated
    • PyPy account should be disabled
      • pypy has a 4.3 pegasus package
      • we should remove it
    • The jobname with dagman not allowing . is fixed
  • LIGO
    • Heard from Duncan. Tried out metadata stuff
  • Another person at NERSC that is interested in running Condor
  • AWS Batch
    • done initial development.
    • how to retrieve logs etc.

September 8th, 2017

  • Pegasus 4.8.0 Release
    • went out this week
    • documentation
    • pyglidein
      • out of icecube
      • mats added a section in the documentation
        • pretty neat once it is setup
        • and works really well on machines with two factor
        • not tuned for MPI things.
        • on the submit  machine a web based python thing.
        • pegasus resource profiles will work out of the box with pyglidein
  • Releases
    • Post 4.8 Releases 
      • changes in the debain build
        • source package has been renamed. mats removed the source part
        • changed the versioninig of RPM and debian. The dev series will have the timestamp in it.
          • pegasus-version -f also has timestamp
      • Will create a separate YUM and DEB developer repositories
        • repositories will not be signed. 
      • Mats is still playing setup
      • Worked a lot on Debian packaging.
  • HipChat will be upgraded to Stride
  • Mats updated JIRA today
  • Sim Center Workflows
    • Using Condor IO thing
    • for 4.8.1 we should look at the remap thing
  • SWIP Poster
    • the first review is really good
  • Docker and Singularity
    • have stuff about engineering challenges
    • But not enough usage
    • Practical Aspect
  • Von's Group SWAMP thing.
    • pegasus is part of trusthworthy software thing?
  • AWS Batch
    • AWS batch thing works
  • Investigate how Dakota and Pegasus can work together
    1. Run Dakota as a job 
    2. Run Dakota on submission machine
      1. dakota calls a script that does a pegasus workflow
    3. Mix of 1 and 2.

August 2017

August 25th, 2017

  • Pegasus 4.8.0 Release
    • beta3 tagged
    • monitord replay issue for rc tables against mysql server
    • Jupyter thing
      • VM updated with Jupyter
    • Docker example application 
    • R builds with pegasus
      • for time being only brew builds have that disabled.
      • Condor update to the brew installation. 
  • Pegasus 4.9 Roadmap
    • SWIP 
      • lay out the changes
        • prioritize stuff for production readiness
        • the knob for integrity. 
        • get into transfers.
        • signing stuff on the backburner.
      • chaos monkey tests
    • metadata things
    • aws batch support
  • Pegasus Tutorial
    • George felt that Pegasus tutorial was a bit too easy.
    • it should be maybe more interactive. get the user to develop a new workflow
  • Tudo will pick up Decaf work
  • Dataspaces
    • do data management
  • Ashwin will work on deep learning on panorama
    • use tensor flow
  • Dakota
    • ini file . runs simulation and converges simulation points
    • George will be working on it
    • has a checkpoiniting facility

August 18th, 2017

  • mats found a new hydrology user in boulder
    • based at Boulder
    • there was a magpie presentation there. 
    • mats did a hosted ce tutorial
  • 4.8.0beta2 release
    • tagged and sent it out. 
  • monitord workflow and read permissions creation
    • should only when the database is created.
    • ~/.pegasus directory should be 755
  • dashboard errors
    • rajiv should traverse the directory in the dashboard.
  • LSST
    • cleanup issue
      • mats and karan agree on it, that it is bad application
      • we should reply to it. 
      • the wrapper should copy the file and launch the job
  • source a setup a script for jobs
    • has to be generically done
  • registration jobs shell expansion
    • we should not do getEnv=True
  • testing repo
    • stuart from LIGO asked for it.
    • we have the examples updated
  • Karan will remind Eliu about LIGO and Bluewaters
  • Slick Jupyter Demos
    • Started up VM's
  • Jupyter tutorial
    • should be integrated into the VM

August 11th, 2017

  • Bamboo is finally green
  • we will do a Pegasus RC1. actually a beta since we still want to address some issues.
  • Rajiv fixed the build with python crypto issues
    • pyopen-ssl was updated during 4.7.x series
    • we should package only things that we are not sensitive to the versions
    • so right now pyopenssl is removed from binary builds, and all associated dependencies were removed.
  • New throttling things.
    • number of jobs scale with the size of the workflows.
  • SCEC all hands meeting.
  • Documentation
    • Took a stab at the containers.
    • Rafael has to add a separate jupyter chapter
    • Karan will update the throttling docs
  • LSST
    • Mats and Karan had a call with Tom about designing a workflow for one of the production pipelines
    • Mats and Rafael had a call with the French cluster folks (Fredrique Sutter). Fredrique works for simgrid
  • Paper
    • rvGAHP paper ready for submissions
  • Suraj Poster
    • Mings pass really helped

July 2017

July 21st, 2017

  • VMs are down, so tests are slow, and cannot test the new features yet
    • Mats will send an email (or call) Derek to check with the VMs issue
  • Try to run the Montage container test on OSG
    • TODO: Reconfigure our poll (it is not flocked yet)
  • Pegasus 4.8.0
    • Bugs on the container (transformation catalog) is fixed
    • Stage in/out nodes based on the number of computing jobs on the workflow
    • TODO: add warning for errors (size of jobs)
    • Warning for category is done
    • TODO: reference implementation of a workflow using docker (1000 Genome workflow - Rafael)
    • Jupyter: add container keyword for API

June 2017

June 23rd, 2017

  • Pegasus 4.8.0
    • Decaf
      • local universe jobs does not honor request_cpus , and jobs remain idle if they ask for multiple cpu's
        • karan will update pegasus to remove the request_ parameters from the local universe jobs
    • Steven Clark
      • Pegasus build issue is related to python 3 compatibility in the DAX API
  • LIGO 
    • Eliu plans to run on Bluewaters
    • we should confirm that he only wants to run on bluewaters.
    • they have sucky performance of getting data to the compute nodes in bluewaters.
    • set the schedd start date

    • Karan will do a test setup there.

  • Pegasus Builds
    • failed because of detain version upgrades to build tools
    • setup tools in python complains to pegasus 4.8.0-dev 

June 9th, 2017

  • Pegasus 4.7.5
    • pegasus-rc-client bug fix is done
    • 4.7.5 and 4.8.0 together
  • Pegasus 4.8 release
    • docker stuff is complete
      • docker tests added are green
    • karan will work on singularity next week.
    • LIGO reports pegasus lite jobs filling up /tmp . karan will check with LIGO on whether there is any environment set? 
    • rafael will update his api to make it consistent with the container format
    • also will add a bamboo example.
  • DECAF  integration
    • karan has an idea about it.

June 2nd, 2017

  • Pegasus 4.7.5
    • pegasus-rc-client bug fix to be done
  • Jupyter
    • rafael will be working on it during June
  • For 4.8.0 
    • container 
      • docker works in nonsharedfs right now. 
      • work on singularity support.
      • clustering . clustered jobs can only refer to one container
      • symlinks -  for 4.8.0 they are disabled. 
    • container sharedfs example
      • we have pegasus-lite with sharedfs. automatic translation of file URL's
    • transfer refiner
    • notification email updates
      • mats updated default notification scripts. will generate svg files
      • at end of workflow generate notifications that have statistics
        • monitord needs to run the remaining notifications after the workflow is done.
  • makeflow integration
    • limitations for pegasus generating make flow integration
      • makeflow model 
        • all files have to be on the submit host
        • how do we translate auxiliary jobs to make flow description
          • tyson at arizona. 
          • add new transfer jobs
          • add new credentials
          • no postscripts there
        • monitoring 
          • won't work with monitoring
          • write a new monitord.
      • maybe do an oppposite translation???
      • what will be useful is to integrate with using work queue with our own dagman manager.

May 2017

May 12th, 2017

  • auto scaling of stage out and stage in jobs
    • 4.8 transfer refiner will be Cluster by default.
    • auto-computation of number of stage in, stage out and cleanup jobs
      • defaults should be computed based on number of jobs at a level.
      • use a ratio or step function . 
      • come up ratio ranges for auto determination
        • 1:5 for numbers of jobs < 10K ( 20%)
        • 1:20 for number of jobs > 20k ( 5%)
      • will create a JIRA item for this

  • container stuff
    • close to having one example running
    • have not figured clustering jobs out yet.
    • mats agrees with the approach now. pegasus lite invokes the docker run commands.

  • integrity stuff
    • will make slides
    • be specific about we have done . 
    • we give them an option of running synthetic stuff
    • For 
    • also define best effort part. 
      • strict, off, minimal , best effort
    • how do we handle case where SHA exists.

  • WDL
    • workflow definition language
      • WDL is JSON based
      • has a template approach with variable substitution 

  • AWS Cleanup
    • need to delete snapshots and cleanup VM's

March 2017

March 17th, 2016

  • monitord stdout and stderr missing 
  • the VARS one. just expose the variable. 
  • SCEC issue
    • job managers per resource
    • got fixed by one job manager per job
    • BOSCO works partly. 
  • containers call from yesterday
    • dsa
  • metadata 
    • metadata population in postscripts
    • move metadata population to the postscripts.

March 10th, 2016

March 3rd, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.4 Release
    • sent out the release
    • we did a ligo fix yesterday to pegasus transfer
  • mats osg gem
    • workflow did not finish
      • pegasus-exitcode has a shortcut for a regex
        • make it more strict. whether to trigger failure in pegasus-exitcode
        • revisit how metadata population
        • trigger failure for missing records. 
  • SCEC RC client issue
    • Rafael will look into it for pegasus-rc-client
  • containers support
    • containers on a pause right now.
  • Webinar
    • lets try and schedule one for april end
    • bluejeans will be an option
    • topic will be covered new features for 4.8.0

February 2017

February 24th, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.4 Release
    • we will tag today. 
    • there is a potential monitord bug that happens on sub workflow retires only in the live mode, that Karan is unable to trace
      • ds
  • containers support
    • pegasus lite launches docker wrap
      • or the other way around. because worker package has to be installed in the container in some cases
        • so double install
    • Clustered jobs 
      • we want at max one container to use the clustered job.
  • monitord performance
    • on OSG connect there is a difference between 4.6 and 4.7 performance replay
  • monitord.log has errors indicating unable to read .out .err files. 
    • we think it is a race between DAGMan and the filesystem

February 17th, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.4 Release
    • targeted for next week. 
    • LIGO ran into a prescript issue
      • pegasus lite deleted the worker package in the workflow submit directory
        • only triggered when there was a subsequent compute job.
  • new transformation catalog format 
  • containers
    • open issue whether docker wrapper launches pegasus lite 
    • or the other way around

February 10th, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.3 Release
    • SCEC has issue with pegasus-db-admin 
      • mysqldump timesout when updating their replica catalog
    • Database TC
      • remove support for Database TC
  • Stewie and fisheye upgrades
    • fisheye upgrade
      • Mats agreed to do the upgrade
    • stewie runs debian 7
      • we need to upgrade it one day or later.
      • runs GridFTP and mysql 
      • RabbitMQ is running there
      • MongoDB is running there
      • Catalog dependencies on stewie
    • 5K limit for a new server
  • OSG All Hands Meeting
    • no tutorial looks like 
    • lots of pegasus users coming there
  • Containers Support
    • pegasus lite invokes the docker wrap. 
    • singularity support will be required.
    • container modes 
      • should we support docker definition file
        • do we build on the worker nodes?
      • pull in  an existing docker image from the hub
        • on the staging site
      • whether we should unload an image or not
        • we should try and cleanup
      • credential renaming has to be worked out
    • Transformation Catalog
      • how to represent container dependency in the transformation catalog

February 3rd, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.3 Release
    • we tag later today or first thing monday
    • waiting for scott to reply
  • Jupiter Notebook
    • in general jupyter the interactive interface closes if you close the tab
    • in our case it does not affect us, since we invoke pegasus-plan at the server end
    • Vicky has a workflow out of panorama that she has in jupyter as a set of the instructions
  • Containers
    • karan did some exploration of docker containers via HTCondor
    • by default docker in the container runs as root. 
      • means output files are written out as root
    • also the containers need to be shipped around.

January 2017

January 27th, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.3 Release
    • 4.7.3 release.
      • condor stable release has been released.
      • we will tag next friday one way or other
      • fix monitord replay mode
      • crosscheck with rajiv on dashboard 
      • centralized mysql server for master workflow dashboard
        • LIGO wants to host a mysql server for master workflow databases
        • Mats will like to see something similar 
        • also look at some publish subscribe options
  • Rafael give an update on the container
    • docker universe
      • htcondor support i think is mainly geared towards startds
    • preinstall software in user containers
    • another model is to let pegasus figure out data and executables
    • rafael did stuff in pegasus lite stuff
      • will have to rewrite proxy and credential environment variables
      • also how is the environment is rewritten
    • good to have a generic concept of multi-level wrappers
    • need to have a pegasus-docker-wrapper or pegasus-container-wrapper to do launch docker or singularity 
    • lets target pegasus lite mode first
    • little bit of data passing.
  • Rafael will have a student to take forward the docker swarm stuff
    • 8 hours every week 

January 13th, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.3 Release
    • sub workflows 
    • better error message for pegasus-transfer when source files don't exist
    • pegasus-kickstart
      • improve error message
    • dashboard to better separate kickstart  and pegasus lite messages
    • Potential SCEC issued with RV-GAHP
  • results of qualtrics user survey
  • Pegasus 4.8 
    • swip stuff for 4.8
    • have sent emails for their use cases

October 2016

October 7th, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7 Release
    • release notes and documentation is done
    • need to follow up with Action for our build VM's
    • LIGO is not going to test 4.7 release as they are in midst of a cluster upgrade.
    • Rafael will write a blogpost about R API after the 4.7 release
  • Dashboard requests 4.7.1
    • rafael and rajiv will work on getting dashboard to display the database schema version and the pegasus version
    • useful, when a new version of pegasus is deployed and .
    • Unable to read the sqlite database
      • related to users permissions on the database
  • from braindump in replay mode should be able to pick up relative paths.
  • brew error on macos sierra
    • brew releases are built manually 
    • after the release we have to update the formula to reflect latest stable version.
  • ACME workflow on MIRA
    • GitHub page to be updated with list of dependent software
    • ACME team needs to help with installation of one of the software.

September 2016

September 16th, 2016

  • Builds
    • disabling RHEL5, Debian 6, Ubuntu precise. Karan will make sure in the code it works
  • Pegasus 4.7.0 Release
    • reached out to LIGO. hopefully they will start testing
    • rajiv checked in dashboard changes
    • karan to write documentation for directory layout
    • rafael will update pegasus-exitcode next week.
  • Pegasus 4.8.0 release
    • one of the first things will be to update the SUBDAG keyword.
  • LLNL account approved for Karan
  • OLCF account waiting for notarized documents to be received
  • SCEC 
    • concurrency limits for transfer jobs
    • prime candidate for priority stuff that will allow good interleaving of transfer jobs with the compute jobs
    • ask Scott to see if 8.5.6 condor can be released.
  • ACME workflow
    • HSI client for HPSS storage.  
    • Karan will reply to Jamie.
  • Bluewaters HTCondor install
    • Bluewaters renewed till 2019
  • Pegasus HPCC workshop on September 30th
    • karan will be there.

September 9th, 2016

  • Builds
    • disabling RHEL5, Debian 6, Ubuntu precise
  • Pegasus Development
    • 4.6.2 released . LIGO has updated it. 
      • LIGO tripped over changes to planner submit directory behavior
      • held job reasons are recorded in the database
    • 4.7.0 release
      • went through pending items
      • targeting end of the month for the release
  • proposal
    • data aware workflow management
    • no BPEL only a reference for it.

September 2nd, 2016

  • Pegasus Development
    • 4.6.2 released . LIGO has updated it. 
      • true throws an error right now.
    • 4.7.0 release
      • karan looked into the HELD job
      • rajiv thinks no dashboard change required.
      • pegasus-exitcode changes will be done by rafael
      • LIGO should install 4.7.0 on dev machine.
    • SCEC production run
      • Reverse GAHP OLCF
      • once tokens are reactivated , karan will check up on rhea rvgahp and get it running
    • HTCondor on bluewaters
      • Karan opened a ticket. 
    • LLNL
      • security training to be done by Karan
    • panorama
      • rafael is working on panorama demo
        • two different pegasus workflows running on 2 exogeni slices
        • and data staging server in between. shadow q has to propagate transfer priorities
        • currently it is workflow level priority. will be manually assigned.
        • 1000 genome workflow - 

August 2016

August 12th, 2016

  • Pegasus Development
    • 4.6.2 release
      • release notes are checked
      • tutorial documentation will be updated to include the docker tutorial
      • pegasus service init script
        • we will not include it and enable by default in the builds
        • mats will update the item accordingly
    • 4.7.0 release
      • submit directory structure
        • we need to get the depth thing fixed . Karan need to make sure if the DAGMan knob can be set automatically. 
        • we should have a way to have it set for deeper
      • documentation to be set
      • pegasus-exitcode to have wait lock thing to setup it's logs
        • one option is to log only exceptions initially. 
  • pegasus-keg to mimic IO pattern
    • read files over and over again.
      • this way we can increase IO without increasing file size ( that results in higher data transfer costs)


August 5th, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • waiting for LIGO to check the support for changes for OSG, where pegasuslite URLs are converted to file URL if the staging site and compute site are same
      • Karan has a call with Duncan next week planned.
    • staging sites deep directory structure
      • mats has it working for one of the workflow.
      • automatic delayed job retries 
      • the real fix should be in DAGMan. Karan will follow up with Kent. Will address for 4.8
    • postscript output redirects
      • one file per job is what we had considered earlier
      • maybe we should do it per workflow log file.
  • DIPA workflow development
    • good progress there. 
  • Titan Setup
    • we should consider setting up it the same way as bluewaters
  • Next Pegasus proposal
    • next week meeting we should iterate on items.
  • Samrat issue
    • get pegasus-exitcode to look for final output files
    • checked in workflows to the pegasus repository
      • bioconductor repository
      • would be good to setup PAGE cloud VM with the workflow.
  • Deter Krans Mueller
    • director of supercomputing in germany
    • supermute supercomputing cluster
    • will send a student for 3 months to ISI end of the month.
  • Rafael plans to practical comparison paper
    • Gui's docker stuff.
    • do a blogpost of montage with above docker stuff.

July 2016

July 15th, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • waiting for LIGO to check the support for changes for OSG, where pegasuslite URLs are converted to file URL if the staging site and compute site are same
    • staging sites deep directory structure
    • dashboard changes for nested submit directory structure
      • fixed the on demand loading for the dashboard.
    • identify workflows that will benefit
      • LIGO
      • Splinter
      • OSG - Kink
    • put in the test cases for testing it out.
      • use the new montage dax generator
      • pull the montage dax generator via squid cache.
  • Release schedule
    • Get 4.6.2 out first. 
    • 4.7 probably early august.
  • ALCF Mira running.
    • cobalt workflow 
    • ACME workflow compilation. Waiting on Ben for the source code.
  • Panorama use case
    • SNS is not enough in terms of data sizes. 
    • anirban will start working on it next week.
  • R Examples
    • samrat working on a bioconductor example
      • has an example workflow
      • code should be checked into github
    • samrat is working on a more advanced workflow that will be put in the examples directory also
  • Gui docker nodes work on amazon ec2
    • uses docker swarm and docker machine to do setup etc
    • workflows run in condor IO mode.
  • DIPA Workflows
    • waisman folks will start working on it.
  • free surfer workflow
    • mats does not think there is enough uptake.
    • suchandra is working on a second version that will add more capabilities
  • seismology workflow
    • rafael will check in to the repo.

July 8th, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • waiting for LIGO to check the support for changes for OSG, where pegasuslite URLs are converted to file URL if the staging site and compute site are same
    • pegasuslite signal handling
      • mats updated it. LIGO reported cases, where jobs got killed before the outputs were staged back . But the jobs themselves were not marked as failures.
      • duncan's third issue could also be related to the signal handler
    • modify kickstart to compute md5 checksums.
      • we could potentially get kickstart to validate md5 checksums
      • have an architectural idea about it.
        • gridftp currently does not expose checksumming
        • irods client has checksumming in built.
    • pegasus-init R example
      • R example will not run on OSG because of module load issues
      • all R examples will have a wrapper for the scripts
    • 4.6.2 after changes are verified.
  • DIPA Workflow
    • with Waisman brain imaging pipeline that runs on Waisman cluster
  • Rafael is working on a seismology workflow
  • tophat workflow paper got accepted in a bio journal
  • Pegasus Virtual Summer School
    • would be similar to the XSEDE ones
    • will be 1.5 hours long.

July 1st, 2016

  • Mats has moved bamboo to a new RHEL7 VM
    • migrated all the tests to it.
    • there were issues with CondorC tests that are resolved now. because of path issues
  • pegasus-init R
    • Rafael will integrate Samrat's R example workflow
    • Samrat is also working on a bioconductor example workflow
  • rajiv made minor dashboard query changes

May 2016

May 13th, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • kickstart wrappers
      • process explosion.
      • eventually we would want it to be in the workflow.
        • handle these wrappers as credentials in the workflow. 
        • what are class of files that are always required.
      • KICKSTART_WRAPPER in kickstart
        • was done for the PAPI stuff originally.
    • pegasus-init for OSG
      • pegasus-init 
    • R examples?
      • rafael will do it in june.
    • job held scenarios
      • open with htcondor admin .. a job should never goto the held state
      • maybe pegasus should do quick retry for small workflows
        • for large workflows retries should happen at a longer delay
      • for workflows less than 100 nodes held duration should be small, and failures maybe should be triggered earlier
      • not for large workflows
    • revisit whether clustered jobs should be based on size of the cluster or the number of jobs
      • mats no longer likes the idea of having fixed number of transfers
    • deep directory structure for the workflows
      • can splinter move to using them?
        • right now they are condor io
        • on the data side it deep directory structure will only work 
      • Mats tried with condor 8.5.4 on comet.

May 6th, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • moved the submit directory creation stuff to the mapper interface
      • reorganized the code for it.
    • on the execution site for nonsharedfs case we will enable for the dashboard
    • dashboard works mostly
      • only improvement is on the file browser side. will open a JIRA item for it
    • database changes
      • for 4.7 we will add extra columns to workflow state and job state tables.
    • the dashboard needs to show the better the task metadata better for 4.7
  • pegasus tutorial for virtual summer school.
    • will be based on the XSEDE tutorial
    • bluewaters will setup a VM for the tutorial.
    • Scott will do an introduction and an overview.

April 2016

April 22nd, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • 4.6.1 released today
      • had to fix bugs for symlinking not being triggered for SCEC
      • dashboard for the home page should work without trailing slash
        • all other pages should work the same way . For 4.7 we should do that
    • Pegasus R example
      • rafael will work on it
    • OSG and XSEDE site catalog examples
    • Submit Directory organization
    • Relative DAGMan paths
  • HTCondor week
    • Lauren said training week
  • Bluewaters training
    • 2 day training might be too long
    • we will work on pegasus training module.

April 15th, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • 4.6.1 release next week
      • pegasus-status change for new Condor changes
        • cartoon will be upgraded to 8.5.x
      • pegasus-analyzer
        • will report correctly submit failures
      • better errors for mismatch in cores/ppn requirements
      • Tag and build on Thursday.
      • pegasus-s3
        • batched uploads and downloads
      • output directory options fails if local scratch not specified
  • LIGO transfer issue
    • NFS reported write as successful for a transfer job.
      • wget reported data was transferred and wget succeededgood use case for checksumming of data
      • where do checksums come from
        • for data files good placeholder in the transformation catalog.
      SCEC had similar issues where SGT's had gotten corrupted
        • that is why SCEC put a specific job in the workflow and uses ABORT DAG on feature
  • Call with Kent for adding nodes to a running DAG
  • group jobs with similar errors
    • might be a python library in there
  • HTCondor Week
    • proposed a hands on tutorial
  • pegasus 4.7
    • ignore integrity constraints in monitord 
      • only for duplicate keys

April 1st, 2016

  • Pegasus development
  • Submitted tutorial for XSEDE 16
    • will include RADICAL
    • might update tutorial with BOSCO. Mats already have BOSCO to run on Comet
  • Derrick Lazaro wants to build a bigger filesystem ( 400 TB )
    • will be backed up 
    • has a commercial storage vendor in mind
    • has backed up capabilities in built ( block level backup)
    • let Mats know about storage needs
    • Mats estimated our storage needs to 25-50TB
  • Graduate student coming to the group mid may to july. brazilian student. currently in Florida
  • Ahmad group got a EPSCoR grant
  • CRAFT Meeting update

March 2016

March 25th, 2016


  • Pegasus development
    • Gideon has been working on kickstart online monitoring for panorama.
      • the lib interpose monitoring requires app code to be dynamically linked to use LD_PRELOAD
      • now kickstart has a new mode, where monitoring thread will scan the proc filesystem for all processes in resource group.
        • this approach disables the PAPI counters as they need to be retrieved from app itself
      • also is working on aggregation logic
        • complicated accounting information
      • added another process called pegasus-monitor . so it is usually pegasus-kickstart-> pegasus-monitor -> application
      • can deploy without any external dependencies.
    • 4.6.1 release
      • in april when karan comes back from PAGE meeting
    • Condor bug on schedd evicting dagman jobs
      • LIGO noticed on other submit nodes
    • mats worked with Derrick to make sure glideins work with BOSCO on comet
      • CyVerse Talk - Mats will do a hands on thing with them.  Mats may do an existing tutorial.
      • raphael used the new slides.

  • Pegasus workshop
    • erin will get back to us with other feedback.
    • make the intro slides more simpler.

March 18th, 2016


  • Pegasus development
    • deep submit directory structure working for submit directory on PM-833 branch. however need to move to relative directory paths in the .dag file , before merging back to master
    • gideon is reworking how kickstart online monitoring work
      • working on kickstart monitor that goes through the /proc/ filesystem with the assumption all apps installed via kickstart have the same process group as pegasus-kickstart
    • pegasus workshop on campus on tuesday. it is setup
      • the tutorial is setup using pegasus-init
      • will ask mats to move the XSEDE tutorial to pegasus-init
  • raphael working on energy paper again
  • stephan paper to HPDC got accepted

March 11th, 2016


  • Pegasus development
    • R DAX API is done
      • will be proposing for CGSMD 
    • Deep hierarchy structure
  • LIGO meeting
    • do a local file copy against the staging site
      • having a separate staging site bogs down inter site transfers
    • metadata
      • they are interested. want monitord to transfer the stampede database to another location from the scratch submit directories
      • cannot really do it in monitord
      • can also potentially do it in pegasus-dagman
    • argument passing for sub workflows
      • will be done 4.6.1
    • jobs that work on output site directory.
    • credentials issue
    • variable substitution
      • will make use of it
    • submit directory and other directory organizations
      • are interested in using it

  • Rosa
    • wants to do something with pegasus
  • Monitord

March 4th, 2016


  • Rosa
    • dispel4py Stream based workflow mapped to MPI, Storm
    •  MPI 3 Failure Recovery from Node Failures
  • Monitord
    •  Triggered by Condor failures. Workflow killed, condor recovery did not spit out all event on recovery.
    •  Need better way to test.
  • DB Admin
    •  Merge issues
    • rafael with confirm with gideon if there is an issue
  • Bamboo 
    •  Rebooted for DROWN Attack
  • R API
    •  Unit tests done.
    •  Packaging - Ship, host?

February 2016

February 19th, 2016

Pegasus development

  • support for GO - mats is working on it
  • dashboard shows multiple workflows with same uuid. fixed in monitord
  • pegasus transfer was prepending path because of globus location
    • mats has changed the logic
  • SCEC wanted to disable the stat of files that was happening automatically because of registration turned on.
    • we now have the property that can explicitly turn it off
  • SCEC tripped over replica catalog insert performance. 
    • rafael working on it. identified the bottleneck
  • Catalog files in submit directories
    • will create a catalogs directory
    • what about file based replica catalogs and cache files etc? some of them can be large.
  • Pegasus Blogs
    • SCEC
    • RVGahp?
  • Website
    • highlight applications better.
  • workq has a catalog server running
    • how do jobs report real time monitoring information back to monitor without rabbitmq
    • have a condor submit wrapper
      • will help us increase memory requirements in case of failures.
  • PegasusLite to have pegasus-transfer invocations as kickstart records
    • kickstart 

February 12th, 2016

Pegasus development

  • support for GO
    • mats found a python REST API - is decent.
    • will only work on a small subset of workflows
      • only third party transfers
      • how to handle file URL's on the submit host
      • and how do we activate the end points. 
      • lifetime of credentials .
      • cannot work on non shared fs mode, as what end point to use when staging to the worker nodes.
      • maybe we should look at how condor does it.
  • held jobs
    • dagman added support in 8.3 where the held job reason appears in dagman.out
    • will need schema change
    • failing workflows
    • held jobs.
    • have  a held job tab.
  • pegasus-submitdir archive
  • PMC job statistics in pegasus-statistics
    • mats and rajiv

Annual Report

February 5th, 2016

Pegasus development

  • 4.6.1 release 
    • pegasus-glite-configure
    • change of how retries are done for transfer jobs, using requirements and dagnode retries
      • there are just 2 retries implemented for transfer jobs
        • one more option is for pegasus-transfer to do better retries
        • and let the dagman retry set to 1.
      • use DAGMan influence to do in retry. 
      • do more testing at our end.
      • lets change default retries for transfer jobs
        • and do this only for transfer cleanups in condor environments 
    • LIGO runs
      • symlinking
    • R API 
      • will target 4.6.1 and keep it similar to the python API
  • 4.7.0 release
    • filesystem organization
  • Keck workshop on Pegasus on Feb 26th
  • Pegasus Annual Report
  • Pegasus GUI email
    • we will send user a direct link
  • Pegasus Announce SLES email
    • we have done on SLES 11 not on SLES 12

January 2016

January 28th, 2016

Pegasus development

  • 4.6.0 release 
    • Released this week
  • Pegasus Website
    • new website there
    • karan will put in the old release notes.
    • Links for old documentation on the new website
    • Rajiv has updated the docker tutorial
    • Tutorials will be moved to Pegasus website
    • Have a research link to point to Scitech website
  • Gideon confirmed MoabGlite helper scripts work with stock condor
    • will also check in a tool to put in the scripts to the right locations.
  • Pegasus Lite pulls in a worker package
    • should we download even by default from the worker package
    • warnings for worker package not being found.

January 22nd, 2016


Pegasus development

  • 4.6.0 release 
    • open items
    • constraints algo implemented and checked in . tests worked . 
    • documentation 
      • karan added chapters on metadata and variable expansion
      • gideon updated execution environments
      • updated the BOSCO section about SSH
    • pegasus-analyzer exits gracefully when nothing in the stampede database
      • check if analyzer and statistics check for the version.
    • pegasus-init
    • pegasus-db-admin 
      • better error message for that case.
    • karan will update tutorial to take account of default options
    • for glite style condor arguments quoting is automatically turned off

  • new website.

January 15th, 2016

Pegasus development

  • 4.6.0 release 
    • open items
      • Rafael almost done with Constraints cleanup algo. tests run fine on the branch
      • pegasus-bootstrap
        • gideon was doing it as Jinja templates
        • will set it up a shell script. will be easier for people to update
      • documentation needs to be updated
      • map the globe 
    • for resource requirements add pegasus.queue keyword. update documentation to have one table. remove the documentation for priorities.
    • MOAB stuff  documentation. Will be considered for next major release.
  • DAGMan wants to remove the functionality of running postscript in case of prescript failure
    • does not affect pegasus
  • DAGMan wants to remove DAG NOOP keyword
    • was introduced for LIGO

January 8th, 2016

Pegasus development

  • 4.6.0 release 
  • Condor DAGMan log messages contain HTCondor in 8.5 series
    • broke monitord
    • fixed both 4.5.4 and 4.6.0. 
  • 8.5.2 has DAGMan logging timestamp from condor job log also.
    • monitord has been updated for that.
  • metrics reported were updated
  • Globus strict checking mode.
    • gridftp + ssh version.
  • Scott is working on getting the reverse GAHP stuff
  • How to configure the batch_gahp

December 2015

December 18th, 2015

Pegasus development

  • 4.6.0 release 
  • Reverse GAHP for Oakridge Titan
    • done because cannot do incoming connections on titan
    • and also they don't want to use pilot jobs, as it is not easy to yank a job from a HTCondor queue
  • Harvard Pegasus installation
    • with SLURM support.. Karan will work on this.
  • We should explore remote batch GAHP stuff
    • for remote batch do
      • batch gahp --rgahp-key /give/key user@host
      • look at the remote_gahp script.
    • documentation for the batch gahp thing.

December 11th, 2015

Pegasus development

  • 4.6.0 release 
  • pegasus-s3 cert issue
    • updated boto library to account for cacert change
    • on mac, had to disable the automatic failover
  • Bypass PFN's
    • replica selectors can now order replicas. Default and regex ones updated
  • monitord
    • combination of missing job terminated and exception on casting job duration as int, triggered a bug that LIGO reported.
  • default behavior of planner
    • pick up from cwd as a replacement for conf option
    • --sites option for * behavior , remove local from candidate sites
  • pegasus-bootstrap commands
    • sets up pegasus with site catalog.  and dax generators

December 4th, 2015

Pegasus development

    • should work for 4.5.3 . will work for the release
    • need to make the changes for 4.6.0
      • should consider batch inserts
      • rafael has implemented the batch inserts also
      • the database locked errors are fixed.
  • Rafael is looking into how the timeouts are implemented in sql alchemy
  • Mac OSX El Capitan Builds
    • Gideon fixed those. El Capitan does not allow root to modify files in /usr
    • Gideon changed the installer to install to /local 
    • Upgrading the mac mini build host. 
  • LIGO proxy issue
    • change in how proxies are generated. 
    • LIGO en-common proxies were not supported by J-Globus
    • Gideon has the patch for making the updated jar.
  • Gideon has added instructions on building globus for El - Capitan
  • Jobmanager-condor for obelix was updated to support both shared fs and non shared fs cases.
  • metadata registration
    • information for output files is tracked. 
  • pegasus-metadata client . Rajiv.
  • Cleanup algorithm - Rafael ?
  • LIGO use case for fallback PFN for PegasusLite cases
    • they want to use existing input data for frame files, on different locations across sites
    • but have a single site catalog entry for the computation, as glideinwms provisions it
    • Karan and Mats are working on it
    • pegasus-transfer changes ?
      • sd
  • LIGO running workflows across LIGO and OSG .
  • Database locked errors for monitord.
  • Call the 4.6 release as 5.0 release.
  • Gideon working on MOAB Blahp support. 

October 2015

October 23rd, 2015

Pegasus development

  • Tutorial VM
    • rajiv will update dashboard screenshots and go through the Virtual machine based tutorial
    • should work for 4.5.3 . will work for the release
    • need to make the changes for 4.6.0
      • should consider batch inserts
      • sqlite supports unlimited connections
        • for write locks , 25 jobs running for write locks. after 25 and it ignores timeout settings.
        • 67 registration jobs.
        • raphael is implementing a back off
        • category for the registration jobs
        • eventually do the dagman category stuff
    • metadata registration
      • information for output files is tracked. 
      • pegasus-metadata client
  • concurrency limits 
    • in partitionable slots this has an affect on performance
    • for 4.5.3 we will have a knob and set it to false by default.
  • Dashboard and PAM problem.
    • mats will create JIRA item.
  • salon working on data from MYRA
    • trying to find contention of data

October 16th, 2015

Pegasus development

  • does stime include io wait time. does not appear so. the cp of 1GB file indicates that
    • so then is there a way to capture the IO wait time
  • pegasus-db-admin
    • version migration for panorama works
    • metadata schema finalized
  • failing jdbc RC test
  • metadata population
    • metadata population from DAX working
    • metadata attributes from transformation catalog and site catalog are now incorporated, as metadata events are generated at end of site selection
    • output file sizes will be populated for files with register flag set to true.
  • pegasus dashboard
    • metadata display done other than the file information that needs to be populated
  • cleanup algorithm
    • will be done before raphael leaves for vacation
  • website changes
  • panorama changes
    • monitord change to make sure events don't get dropped
    • online monitoring spawns a thread where there is a queue  that is responsible for inserting the online monitoring events into the db
    • the thread checks the database to make sure the job instance is populated.
    • CURRENTLY, it is not done for the anomaly populations. 
  • SNS and Acme workflow
    • maybe we can hire a student to do it
    • maybe scalarm can be used for SNS workflows
    • Ben said there is a meeting about Pegasus on Titan.
  • Mats has installed wordpress on one of the machines.

October 9th, 2015

Pegasus development

  • pegasus-db-admin
    • db version has been moved to string. a new column was added. 
  • metadata population
    • files are populated if a user specifically associates metadata with a file in the DAX or if an output file is marked for registration
    • make sure that for tasks metadata attributes are inherited from the transformation catalog. 
  • pegasus-metadata client
    • output format ? 
    • is the client for end users
    • list files for a workflow
    • list workflow metadata
  • pegasus dashboard
    • workflow level
    • task level level 
    • file level metadata

October 2nd, 2015

Pegasus development

  • pegasus-db-admin
    • changes discussed last week?
    • also change to string for the database version for allowing merges with panorama
      • panorama db versions should be N.x and not whole integers
  • jdbrc sqlite test failures
  • pegasus-transfer
    • better job with grouping for ssh transfers.
  • metadata population
    • planner generates the events now for associating metadata with wf, job and files
    • use case should be for a file what workflow and job created that file.
  • Pegasus workshop
    • we will be using
    • mats has created 30 training accounts on 
    • suggestions on workflow example?
      • blender rendering example..
    • pegasus-dashboard should be installed
  • Sipht portal
    • back up and running

September 2015

September 25th, 2015

  • Pegasus development
    • pegasus-kickstart to return record on condor_rm ( SIGINT)
    • changes to data reuse algo for Chris Edlund
      • delete jobs when inplace cleanup is used for intermediate files that are not transferred to the output site.
    • use of DAGMan NOOP keyword
      • workflow test failures
      • change monitor to not complain for noop jobs.
    • comma separated directories for input dir
      • automatically delete the input directory ? we all agree not a general use case.
    • pegasus-transfer grouping should be done for all protocols?
      • problem is some renames for output files
      • avi has been running workflows on OSG with pegasus lite. 
      • 2 million connections over two days on SSH server 
    • pegasus-db-admin error handling. 
      • if it fails with error, it should not report that database has been updated. This is a bug
      • other is what to do , when 4.5 is run against
      • downgrade option
      • warn if db-admin detects database version is higher than what it is currently running, and exit with 0 exitcode.
  • Pegasus IEEE article accepted
  • montage workflows
    • dax generator is not maintained
    • have it as a student project to convert the DAX generator to python API.
      • they also check an overlap check
    • montage jobs have varying memory requirements
    • we should not showcase it.
  • Pegasus Workshop in October
    • fallback from USC HPCC cluster required
    • whole day will be rough.
    • Mats will not be around! Going for the duke workshop.
  • panorama
    • monitoring thread segfaults
    • why was the segfault happening initially
      • happening in fork system calls
      • related to starting and stopping monitoring threads
      • and how PAPI counters were updated.

September 18th, 2015

  • Pegasus development
    • pegasus-db-admin updated
    • for spec added registration of flat lfn's when deep LFN are used
    • workflow tests now running.
  • pegasus paper
    • will add info about galactic plane and gtfar
    • cloud challenges
      • talk about virtual clusters  . precipe / wranglar
        • tie more closely to setup stuff and talk about chef/puppet and precise and wrangler.
      • gtfar 
      • add them in acknowledgements
    • not much to add about cloud challenges other than image managements
  • hubub conference
    • latech user who wants to run on bleaters
    • tom bishop 
    • pegasus submit tutorial.
    • to do with steven... 
  • panorama
    • segfaults happening randomly
      • happen when the monitoring thread is started.
  • craft
    • jarek 
    • hubzero
      • chip design
      • instead of hubzero use open science framework - a non profit funded thing

September 11th, 2015

  • Pegasus development
    • worker package tests in pegasus lite
      • pegasus lite will complain if the system architecture 
    • panorama tests now work
      • maybe some problems might be masked!
    • jdbcrc 
      • updated jdbcrc . for mysql and postgres deletes work differently. 
      • raphael will abstract it out
    • gideon changed the way the papi counters are used in kickstart
      • earlier signals were being used for threads to report counters
      • PAPI now allows to query for counter values
  • Pegasus cloud article
    • ewa is doing the final edits
  • HubBub presentation
  • panorama
    • darek working on getting papi counters to monitord
    • changed the job metrics table in the stampede database.

September 4th, 2015

  • Pegasus development
    • worker package creation on the submit host.
      • should we include python externals directory .
      • we will put that back in. we only need boto. 
      • also need to make sure it works for a RPM or deb install.
      • implement the compatibility check in PegasusLite
    • panorama tests
    • better error for input file replica selection failures
    • Scalr for openstack tests
      • action has a new openstack deployment. 
      • have our two QNAPS setup on the build VM's to run workflow tests.
      • run on vmware pool.
    • SCEC shallow LFN's
      • for registration in the replica catalog.
      • put the test in 4.5 . 
    • Database schema changes
      • pegasus-db-admin changes to database schema.
      • downgrades work
  • The short paper
    • working on the google doc.
    • we are not actively working on ec2.
  • panorama
    • adding papi counters to online monitoring. 
    • pegasus-transfer explodes when signal is sent
    • online monitoring dashboard.

August 2015

August 28th, 2015

  • pegasus 4.5.2 released
  • worker package staging
    • planner will use a worker package from the submit side installation and use it.
  • pegasus s3 tests
    • currently no s3 tests
  • tests are running against 8.3.8
  • cleanup algorithm update ( Rafael)
    • estimate that it will be done in two weeks
    • has to work for multiple sites
  • cloud computing short paper
  • hub bub
  • panorama and dv/dt poster and presentations . in mid september
  • metadata discussion
    • google doc updated
    • leaning towards monitor populating the database
    • remove the estimated size and md5 checksum

August 21st, 2015

  • pegasus 4.5.2 release
    • release notes checked in
    • db-admin changes?
      • update man pages
    • python source package
    • tests are we moving to dev branch?
    • docker problem
      • how to get around it ?
      • an issue inside docker, that is being exposed
      • we will put in a wrapper around it. 
    • panorama branch is disabled
      • but tests should be fixed.
      • dark will be fixing it
      • rajiv pushed out his dashboard changes for darek. for demo at supercomputing.
  • cleanup algorithm
    • Rafael will start next week 
    • how will the limits be passed
  • kickstart changes
  • metadata schema discussion
    • next week.
    • postscript
    • dagman has plugin's
    • schema 
    • use case
    • stampede is sqlite
    • pegasus-exitcode write locks.
    • separate sqlite database for metadata. 

August 14th, 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5.1 release
  • Bamboo machine troubles
    • panorama tests hung because of bamboo
    • do experiment for the case where we do condor off and see what happens to pegasus-dagman.
  • Panorama tests
    • look at build #73
  • pegasus-kickstart stuff
    • for interpose stuff
    • gideon investigating how to cover all cases for threads
    • wants to make sure that descriptor table is accessed in a thread safe way. in worse case
    • also is doing thread tracking, thread counters and thread lists
  • directory structure organization for submit directories.
  • nonsharedfs mode problem for auxillary jobs
  • sudharshan cleanup algorithm
  • stefan update
    • working on user models on how to submit jobs to HPC
    • what user characteristics are of submission process 
  • to be able to show the IO part for SoyKB
    • metrics of success
      • makespan is reduced.
      • number of service units is reduced
  • what makes an application IO intensive

August 7th, 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5.1 release
  • 4.6 common resource requirements
    • we are now exposing three pegasus profiles cores, nodes and ppn.
    • added logic to do specific translations for PBS and SGE
  • cleanup bug fixed related to DAX transfer flag for input files
    • larger question and agreement. transfer flags for input files usually don't have any meaning.
    • transfer flag should be renamed or in the API
      • change in schema 
      • at minimum we should change the DAX API's
      • transfer attribute renamed to final output? 
  • spaces in Pegasus URL
    • gideon feels it should be mod 20 instead
    • somewhere in documentation . 
      • the planner should have more specific error message in case of spaces. 
  • kickstart enhancements - gideon
    • fixing edge cases in kickstart for the extended reporting
    • what can we do with the papi performance counters and see what will be used in panorama.
    • will be updated for counters.
    • gideon and darek will try and merge

July 2015

July 31st, 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5.1 release
    • will release it next week
    • update the mapper documentation
      • have a link to the replica catalog
    • steven clarke cleanup issue
  • resource requirements
    • update the resource requirements section for 4.6
  • acme integration
    • rajiv will work with bibi to integrate it with the REST monitoring api
  • kickstart changes to get papi counters
    • Only triggered if -Z option is passed
    • the paper on xsede mentioned about them reporting per threads
    • also we make better track of threads launched by the executable
      • some edge cases for the thread case
      • double execve of process does not work currently
        • example: /usr/bin/env date
    • also record command line options for all sub process launched
      • in the proc record , the cmd tag
      • grabs only first 1K of arguments
  • monitord amqp population
    • revert back to use the event name as the routing key for AMQP population.
  • pegasus cleanup with peak storage requirements
  • Panorama
    • Data analysis done..
    • ideas about writing a paper about workflow profiles
  • Anomalies Detection
    • showing anomalies in dashboard and population in stampede schema

July 24th, 2015

  • XSEDE Tutorial
    • 2 Posters and one tutorial
    • news item online
  • Pegasus Development
    • common resource requirements PM-962
      • documentation needs to be updated
      • we have cores , hostcount
      • karan should make sure cores is translated correctly to ncpus for PBS
    • Pegasus REST API for integrating with Pegasus
    • pegasus transfer
      • checkpoint files
    • LIGO developer notion of site attribute
      • maybe we should be more clearer in the documentation
    • automatically changing parameters for memory on job retries
      • check point file for the job is a partial solution
    • monitord amqp population
      • works.. we will document it on JIRA
  • Panorama
    • Darek implemented sending messages in batches from kickstart to rabbitmq
    • socket based communication between kickstart and lib interpose . was done to take of the file interleaving issue.
    • tests on obelix and exogeni indicate socket writes are atomic for panorama message

July 17th, 2015

  • PMC Cpu affinity
  • LIGO pegasus analyzer bug
    • has been passed to LIGO . awaiting to hear from them
  • Cleanup algo
  • Resource Requirements
    • common pegasus profiles
  • SGE
    • change.dir should be set automatically for shared filesystem stuff
    • documented already.
  • kickstart path variable to prepend.
  • REST interface for monitoring for pegasus is done. Rajiv completed this week.
  • extensions to the cleanup algorithm. rafael will start working .
  • Pegasus 4.5.1 release
    • will be done after XSEDE.
  • Pegasus XSEDE tutorial
  • XSEDE Pegasus Poster
    • show a LIGO workflow for the XSEDE poster.
  • Salt configuration needs to be updated
    • Student machines on salt
  • panorama
    • rabbit mq installed on exogeni site.
    • darek will do message batching working.
    • gideon recommends doing it with the AMQP C API library
    • message interleaving in kickstart.
    • lot of unacknowledged messages in rabbit mq
  • kickstart polling loop
  • all kickstart memory values are in MB

July 10th, 2015

  • PMC jobs automatic summing of maxwalltime. Should be disabled
    • In PMC case we will do a division.
  • PMC CPU affinity for jobs PM-953
    • there might be a fragmentation approach.
  • Pegasus REST interface
    • short cut URL end points. 
    • karan will send email to Lavanya.
  • running on SGE cluster using GLite interface. 
  • harmonized pegasus profiles 
  • Metadata
    • will need the file implementation . 
  • Dashboard Panorama stuff
    • September 16th. Time series and anomaly detection.
    • Application level anomalies
    • Infrastructure level anomalies. 
    • no plans for integration in production Pegasus.
  • monitord profiling of monitord population. 
    • we want to see how long 1000 events take to be populated in case of LIGO . 
  • Panorama
    • anomaly detection
      • implemented a working prototype of threshold based anomaly detection
      • kickstart sends events to rabbit mq, then monitord populates to influx db. 
      • darek tool queries influx db and takes in the metadata file generated by pegasus and determines the anomaly and sends it back to rabbit mq
      • monitord then again picks up anomaly and populates it to stampede db for dashboard to display.

June 2015

June 12th, 2015

  • Pegasus profiles for job/resource requirements
    • postponed till next week when mats is here
    • karan to create a list of relevant profiles
  • pegasus dashboard
    • locking issue?
    • can this be related to new connection stuff or the failing tab?
    • look at connection pooling .. or maybe transactions are not being closed properly?
    • also see if there is an option for dashboard to set a read only lock when opening a connection to the databases
  • panorama workflow tests
    • failing.. but merge from master was done.
    • karan to investigate
  • panorama workflow dashboard
    • updated the job metrics tab for doing the polling
    • for mpi jobs the job name appears as aprun, since that is the process running on rank 0
  • Job Survery paper
    • Darek sent a final version
    • will be submitting next week
  • Pegasus Release timeline
    • maybe we should put on our website somewhere?
  • Rafael Energy paper
    • information about building energy profile.

June 5th, 2015

  • panorama usecase and metadata passing through
    • not done yet for the metadata associated with files with replica catalog
    • DONT rebase commits that have been pushed out
  • job.runtime, cluster.maxruntime, maxwalltime parameters
    • how to associate profiles. have a different namespace
    • how is it expose in the DAX API
  • python dependency
    • stopped support for 2.5 and 2.6
    • only affects redhead 5 systems.
    • will have to install redhat 2.6 python package on 2.5
    • setup tools for python 2.6 has to be at build time
  • pegasus-dashboard updates for LIGO
  • cleanup bug for intercept runs with InPlace cleanup.
  • S3 storage
    • about 9TB and rising for pegasus system services backup
    • right now no backups are going to go to Glacier
    • we only keep 2 weeks of data
    • glacier is good if we want to keep 6 months of data
    • 3VM' for pegasus website , CROWD etc
    • database on stewy and obelix
    • qnaps /nfs/ccg3 and /nfs/ccg4
    • Big ticket items of 9TB backup bucket in S3
    • need to keep 2 backups in S3
  • HubBub talk.
    • abstract
  • talk by Jack Donagara.

May 2015

May 29th, 2015

  • Bamboo test failures
    • condor-c tests working now. changed the site catalog for those
    • rhel5 json module
    • pegasus-transfer will do a proper check and complain for missing json module
    • mats will update documentation accordingly
  • Python Dependencies
    • New python dependency 2.6 from 2.4
    • newer versions of Fedora uses Python 3
    • Fedora will keep python 2.x support till 2020.
    • maybe have a dynamic bash wrapper across python code to pick the right python version
    • have a tool called pegasus-python??
  • concurrency limits
    • apply to bamboo machine and our other workflow hosts.
    • throttle number of grid jobs per categories of jobs. that is what SCEC wants and cannot be done.
      • unless negotiation can be employed for grid universe jobs.
      • define own throttles in compute jobs
  • pegasus-dashboard
    • LIGO has an issue with no authentication URL rendering.
  • quoting for environment
    • implemented. changed both for environment and +remote_environment
  • docker universe support
    • should work out of the box with condorio
  • new dagman default values
  • pegasus-statistiscs
    • show bad put?
  • Documentation
    • 10 minutes using pegasus-docbook
    • using new pipeline it uses 3 minutes
    • the hyperlinks don't work
    • include that into pegasus website template
    • In PHP we tell Google not to index old version
  • panorama

May 8th, 2015

Bamboo test failures

  • montage tests are failing because of the remote service being down
  • documentation tilte is messed up. gideon will look at it

pegasus-transfer new format

  • mats has come up with a new JSon format.
  • backward compatibility with the old format
  • create dir and cleanup jobs will be different


  • google doc shared with people
  • next steps are panorama use case for calling out
  • ssh cleanup . JGlobus library does not implement ftp


  • have started using PMC
  • data management

Python builds

  • always check the python version.
  • if we ship our own python modules, then we may have to

Bamboo build machine

  • build and test plan ( running concurrently )
  • also we can run docker stuff
  • automate the salt setup of bamboo agents
  • maintain one OS. Can action give us a beefier VM?
  • we have too many documentation builds running ?
  • VW with bamboo agent and use docker
  • workflow tests are a separate issue
    • they don't load the bamboo machine
    • that is more related to a big condor pool.
    • workflows tests will run always out of bamboo.
  • mats and rajiv will work on it for the VM stuff.

Getting new SSL certificates

  • * is screwed up in firefox

Metrics Server fixes

  • google maps update broke the web UI.
  • somehow all the colors were used in the trends ?

May 1st 2015


  • Pegasus 4.5 release
    • not heard back from SCEC and LIGO
    • mats checked in the example
    • will add release slider
  • Variable Expansion
    • pretty much done
      • right now we have $()
      • we will change with ${env-variable}
      • have more helpful error message 
  • pegasus-kickstart
    • file does not exist. now gives a proper error
  • XSEDE poster due next week
  • Monitoring Service API
    • donald is almost done.
  • PMC with PegasusLite
    • PMC job by default runs on the shared filesystem
    • tasks in PMC are pegasus lite tasks
    • if a task does randomio, then on shared fs might be tricky
  • brazilian student contacted about pegasus application for real workflows.
  • mats will be doing the transfer events for panorama next week

April 2015

April 24th 2015


  • Pegasus 4.5 release
    • release candidate today rc2
    • updates to pending items
    • job throttling added to optimization guide.
    • release notes are online 
    • waiting for db-admin unit tests to be checked in.
    • pegasus-cleanup checking
    •  add some path before starting.
  • rest monitoring API
    • we have not heard back from lavanya yet
    • PNNL acme stuff
  • pegasus 4.6 release
    • common pegasus-transfer , pegasus-cleanup and pegasus-createdir
    • APP_PATH_PREPEND addon
    • pegasus worker package staging
      • planner calls out to common script to determine the worker package
      • if it does not exist , we build a default worker package on the fly 
      • add extra logic to the untar job in the
    • pegasus-gridftp modification for ssh ftp.
    • software eggs
  • panorama
  • metadata for 4.6

April 17th 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5.0 Release
    • rc1 working for hub
    • LIGO trying it out.. wanted to change checkpoint files. need to hear back on the dashboard changes.
    • SCEC ? waiting to hear from Scott
    • pegasus-db-admin sqlalchemy issues? for updating tables?
    • pass through implemented for Glite to PBS
    • verification of update to pegasus version on running workflows
      • mats thinks his testing should do the trick.
  • Pegasus Dashboard for bamboo user
    • URL - 
      Authentication - Uses PAM Authentication 
      Admin Users - mayani, vahi, rynge, juve, rafsilva, darek, deelman
  • Cedars visit
    • SGE cluster
    • we have 3 potential SGI cluster users Cedars, Vision group at ISI and maybe Rutgers ( that will be replaced with SLURM)
  • Lavanya REST API
  • Pegasus 4.6 release
    • variable expansion thing figured out
      • argument strings in dax, profile values in the dax
      • site catalog. 
      • replica catalog file based one.
      • need to now make changes in various parsers
      • predefined environment variable
    • metadata
      • LIGO Dibbs .. ability to do data reuse based on metadata attributes
      • panorama - pegasus - aspen interface
      • iplant
        • they want in the IRODs
        • S3 tags.
      • mats wants a better idea of what it looks like in the ideal world.
    • file management on scratch directory, submit directory also?
    • implementation of the REST API
    • implementation for held job tracking
    • Panorama requirements
      • influx db monitoring , into pegasus-transfer. 
      • pegasus-transfer sends messages to rabbit mq about file size transferred
      • pegasus aspen interface ( modelling tool ) . apsen is a C++ library.. pegasus planner querying the aspen models for each node.
        • command line tool pegasus-aspen
        • planner needs to send application parameters, and all the metadata for the node.
        • gets back a list of attributes , memory and usage, and convert them internally into pegasus profiles
        • this can be a generator of metadata.
        • application model which is a file and a machine model 
      • timeseries data . monitoring data about the dashboard, anomalies 
      • there is a CEP thing that anirban is developing and will determine anomalies.
    • dv/dt requirements
      • prediction service
      • pegasus will query the prediction service

April 10th 2015

pegasus cleanup

  • gideon removed a bunch of stuff
  • will be completing the cleanup
  • pegasus-plots will be deprecated in the release notes for 4.5 release and removed for 4.6

pegasus RC1

  • built now.
  • should have created a 4.5 branch and then done a tag
  • pegasus-halt ( is it prototype )
  • pegasus-run on already running workflow
  • pegasus-db-admin missing import
  • mats will delete the rc1 branch

pegasus 4.5.0 release

  • karan will add options for pass through text for Glite options.


  • should be done soon

HPCC tutorial

  • send link to Fan fli from CHLA
  • vision group at ISI . former BBN people.

XSEDE paper

  • submitted to xsede
  • for journal paper, expand to pilot workflow systems. panda, swift coasters, big job


  • rajiv will add to the docbook
  • largely agree
  • uuid for the top level workflow

April 3rd, 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5 release
    • pegasus-db-admin
      • ds
    • planner will set auto update on pegasus-db-admin . and include
    • extra python modules being shipped mysql config and postgres config
      • right now on our build hosts we are building mysql and postgres.
      • RPM packaging adds dependencies automatically
      • openssl dependency
      • best option is database dependencies optional
    • targets 4.5.0 pre release candidate for thursday
    • pegasus-dashboard updates
    • pegasus-monitord failed for 4.4 runs 
    • documentation
      • fix missing references
  • REST API for monitoring workflows and jobs
    • work on it for next week.
  • questionnaire
    • 15 responses in all.
  • xsede paper
    • deadline on monday . 8 pages. 
    • have number of cores
    • no reliable way for specifying cores on OSG
  • web interface for influx db
  • permanent influx db install


March 2015

March 27th, 2014

  • metrics server
    • final change pushed out by donald
    • job monitoring API for workflow and jobs
    • will work with Rajiv
    • next week friday we will have a spec out for the API
  • Pegasus 4.5 release
    • resolving pegasus-db-admin issue
    • work on the documentation
    • should reach may first deadline
    • next week we will do a pre release for SCEC.
  • Job submission paper
    • for xsede some sections you will remove.
    • need some major modifications regarding introduction.
    • new deadline for xsede is april 6th.
  • pegasus transfer issue in google cloud vs amazon cloud
    • gsutil causes a 1 second overhead for a zero byte file. probably an authentication protocol
    • directly with wget works faster.
    • when you downloading larger files
      • huge overhead compared to 3 times in amazon.

March 20th, 2015

pegasus 4.4.2 release done

  • will be deployed by LIGO

tagged release for SCEC production runs .. we will do a pre-release candidate

metrics server

  • follow up on histogram page?
  • gideon will deploy the changes on the production machine


  • updates
  • dashboard and stampede expunge functions.
  • sql alchemy init and duplicate code. will enable foreign keys.
  • SQLAlchemy init interface takes a URI.


  • till we come up with a better name
  • can archive, move and delete

pegasus-dashboard archive option

  • gideon will make changes to the dashboard schema.

transfer grouping in Pegasus

  • PM-829

PM-851 kickstart invoke option for auxiliary jobs

pegasus dashboard updates

  • LIGO uses for apache to use uncommon for single sign on and authentication

job submission survey short paper

  • march 30 deadline

Panorama Updates

  • wants to have a separate panorama branch
  • mpi-exec has been merged back to master.
  • similar to the adamant branch
  • rabbit mq 
    • has a rest interface
    • so easy to post http messages to it
    • uses small amount of memory
  • long term we will have pegasus-service receive the messages instead of rabbit mq. 
  • we are collecting data and share with other people in collaboration
    • http location on obelix ( the way we did for stampede)
  • real time monitoring in kickstart
    • runtime metadata and file descriptor 3 ( did for hubzero)

User Questionnaire

  • still at same place as earlier
  • gideon will send out a reminder

March 13th, 2015

  • Metrics Server
    • deployed on the production server.
    • want to do anything on basis of distribution of files
    • donald will create a new histogram page ,
  • Pegasus NSF Report
    • sent to Ewa
  • Pegasus 4.4.2 release
    • karan will check in release notes today
  • Pegasus Tutorial as part of HPC Workshop Series in April
  • Gideon will be going to the summer school.
  • Pegasus 4.5.0 release
    • Targeting May 1st release
    • local-scratch is picked up.
    • ensemble manager submission
      • will support both modes
      • bundle mode
      • public ensemble manager. there are security issues. user credentials.
      • the person who starts the service will setup the credentials
    • pegasus-analyzer fix for case where jobs eventually succeed after failures
    • pegasus-db-admin update
      • ds
    • transfer grouping of staging jobs
    • Pending items
  • User Questionnaire
    • 12 responses for
    • a lot of people are interested in a workshop
    • better support for loops and branches
    • better provenance support .
  • Workflows on Google and Amazon
    • google takes much longer to do data transfers.
    • non shared fs and shared fs
  • metadata
  • Panorama
    • Demo in September of Panorama functionality
    • getting data transfer metrics out of pegasus-transfer in structured way
    • what data we need to collect
    • for third party transfers we can do timings but not rates
    • darek is working on adding real time monitoring to pegasus-kickstart
    • pegasus transfer will communicate to pegasus-kickstart to report to a central server
      • can be a http server similar to metrics server
      • panorama is considering influx DB for real time monitoring.

March 6th, 2015

  • metrics server update
    • plans to deploy the changes today. fixing last issue
    • still has to make the database schema changes required for planner file counts
      • will be done next week
  • planner reports file breakdowns
  • pegasus 4.4.2 release
    • it has fixes LIGO is interested.
    • most probably next week.
  • pegasus-db-admin
    • reorganization of the code and the schema.
  • pegasus-archive /pegasus-delete
    • rafael does not have time to work on these because of proposal work
    • will move to either gideon or mats
  • pegasus-dashboard updates
    • has more LIGO requests for pegasus 4.5.0 release
    • wsgi script for root mode
  • LIGO visit
    • post 4.5 we will do better organization of files on the file structure
    • Pegasus poster for LIGO meeting
  • ensemble manager
    • scec folks will try it
    • monitord netlogger bugfix
  • pegasus-transfer enhancements for panorama
  • job submission paper in github
    • pegasus and job management systems.
  • online monitoring for pegasus-kickstart
    • application sends signal to pegasus-kickstart via libinterpose
  • pegasus-keg extensions
    • the pegasus-mpi-keg is a separate executable
    • extensions to the io stuff
    • will incorporate in 4.5.0
  • NSF report
    • still waiting to hear from mats and scott
    • karan is still updating the metrics page.

February 2015

Feb 20th, 2015

  • metrics server update
    • donald still has to deploy the changes.
  • pegasus user questionnaire
    • gideon will send new links and will update
  • SCEC update
    • scott has debugged his memory
  • Pegasus Report
    • soykb and other iplant workflows ... part of ECSS
    • galactic plane
    • ahmeds work
  • pegasus dashboard updates
    • pegasus-dashboard is started whenever bamboo is built up
    • dashboard show all states for a job now.
  • pegasus-db-admin tool
    • test cases in bamboo
    • documentation
    • migration notes
    • some python errors that need to be fixed.
  • 4.5 release
    • still remaining
      • held jobs tracking in monitord
    • job retry set to 1 and disable retries for DAX jobs
    • decrease the held period from one hour when job is removed.
    • improved documentation for output mappers
    • ensemble manager todo's
      • we won't have ensemble manger in multiuser mode
      • support both modes ( upload a tar file and finer grained control where he specifies the DAX files and the submit directory )
      • only the dashboard will run in multiuser mode
      • how do we start ensemble manager process
        • run as per user .
    • copying of catalog files to submit directory.
  • input directory copies based on recursive transfers as part of directory
    • it won't work in condorio mode because it flattens out
    • add type directory in the DAX schema.
  • pegasus tutorial
  • environment variable file substitution in site catalog, replica catalog and transformation catalog
  • XSEDE Tutorial proposal and Posters

January 2015

Jan 14th, 2015

  • metrics server update
    • no update from Donald still away from vacation
  • Pegasus development
    • data configuration for different sites
      • working for steven
    • held jobs
    • pegasus-dashboard
      • root mode for dashboard and ensemble manager
        • gideon needs to confirm for ensemble manger
        • done for dashboard
    • pegasus-analyzer bug fix
    • pegasus-db-admin tool update
      • unit tests
      • bamboo pool will break.
    • upgrade to newer version of Pegasus
      • what happens to running workflows
    • pegasus-statistics with PMC - Mats and Rajiv
      • mats and rajiv will work on it.
    • docker based tutorial launcher
      • how to integrate in the build process
      • form 
      • candidate machine 
        • obelix
      • vmware colo vm
      • obelix. 

  • Pegasus Poster for Si2
    • will base on the previous years.
    • any particular thing we want to focus on ? or general?
  • Pegasus Annual Report
    • User questionnaire - need to send out. 
      • list of people to send it out to .  Gideon has one.?

Jan 7th, 2015

  • metrics server update
    • no update from Donald still away from vacation

  • 4.4.1
    • installed on workflow
    • OSG and XSEDE submit hosts will be upgraded in 3 weeks
    • need to follow up with LIGO

  • database upgrade tool integration
    • documentation and manage left
    • import error for properties
    • python test case

  • support for per site data configuration
    • mostly done/ still need to figure out worker package staging for that.

  • pegasus-dashboard
    • should we show all job instances for a job.

  • held jobs logged by pegasus-monitord

  • user questionnaire

December 2014

Dec 8th, 2014

  • metrics server update
    • minor bugs in the UI... still need to be fixed, especially how the session states are handled
    • things remaining to do
      • database/server side pagination
      • figure out the scroll issue for the trend charts
      • move the trends charts from the home page to under planner and download tabs
      • rename run metrics to dagman metrics, and instead of showing the most number of times a workflow was run, we want to see the top applications for which dagman workflows were run
      • for the time bar on the top, have drop down menu for years and months
      • can the maps pin show the actual number, for example in the top downloads map thing
  • monitord fixes
    • for the race issue with postscript handling PM-798
      • had to change the way stdout and stderr is populated for job_instance. It is now populated with the POST_SCRIPT_TERMINATED event happens
  • pegasus-analyzer fixes
    • show the planner log when prescript for sub dax fails. PM-808
  • we want to release 4.4.1 before the break.
    • has monitord fixes that LIGO requires
  • tracking held jobs
    • decided to add a column in the jobstate table to capture why a job was held
  • changes to pegasus-keg
    • to simulate reading in input and writing out of output files
    • will also simulate cputime and walltime
    • initially pegasus-keg will read in and write out the outputs and then do the sleep for the cpu time duration
    • removing the system information that it prints out
    • in the mpi version, the IO is solely done by the master.

December 3rd, 2014

  • Update from Duncan on LIGO dashboard requirements
    • run a flask module from apache
    • let apache handle authentication
    • read only dashboard view
    • have a separate flask frontend.
    •  they are ok with a command line tool to remove workflow entries 
    • port collisions .. so they prefer apache to do the handling.
  • failed jdbrc unit test case
  • glite quoting for the environment
  • pegasus-dashboard delete workflows capability
  • failing workflow reporting in the dashboard
  • monitord to follow condor job log
  • db admin tool updates

November 2014

November 12th, 2014

  • DAGMan metrics reporting
    • working and completed for 4.5.0cvs
    • planned metrics
      • exclude the metrics that never ran.
      • have a drop down menu - planned , planned and run
  • RPM/ and DEB tracking for downloads
    • mats has a script that goes through the download logs to populate the server.
    • So we are tracking those now.
  • Failed data reuse regex test
    • make it a planning only test case
  • hierarchal workflows options forwarding
    • have a value of null/none
    • --inherit option with a comma separated list of long opts.
  • higher level DAX API for sub workflows ?
    • hack to figure out the command line arguments for the planner
  • Pegasus Distribute Wrapper
    • waiting to hear further from Steven
    • a /bin/bash test case
  • Metrics Server Updates by Donald
    • has the geo location running
  • DB Upgrade tool - Rafael ??

November 5th, 2014

  • DAGMan metrics reporting
    • already in recent DAGMan versions. can be enabled.
    • pegasus-run having the duplicate logic.
  • Pegasus Distribute Wrapper
    • Initial implementation done and there is an example for Steven to try out
  • Metrics Server Updates by Donald
  • DB Upgrade tool - Rafael ??

October 2014

October 29th, 2014

  • Upcoming Proposals
    • NEESGrid call
      • Robert Flashgun with Nirav..ASU stuff. Do some earthquake stuff
      • frank mckenna for nees type stuff
        • SCEC is part of the proposal
      • December 3rd due date

  • Pegasus Development
    • monitord postscript handling
    • dynamic hierarchy stuff
    • Condor C with LIGO
    • Steven Clarke Distribute Stuff
    • pegasus-hpc-cluster ( PHC )
    • DAGMan metrics

  • Kenichi Workflow
    • SNS workflow
    • Training material. 

  • Metrics UI updates
    • Trends over times
    • Geo overlay

  • Darek from Poland - A postdoc 1206
    • panorama project
  • Adaptive Workflows
    • adapting workflows... they are not converging.
    • templating workflows
    • Hopper Site Catalog
    • Sample Site Catalogs

September 2014

September 17th, 2014

  • Checkpointing feature
    • tested and implemented into pegasus
    • communicated with LIGO and John Veitch will test it next week.
    • will be run from a binary install
    • kickstart won't enforce non zero exit code for application exit code . we will require application codes to exit with non zero status.
  • Profile and Properties documentation integration
  • database schema upgrade tool
    • rafael starts working on it
  • support for google storage
    • hassan writes a paper for google storage
    • compare S3 with google storage
    • parallel uploads of chunks not supported with gsutils.. relies on a very specific python module
    • ~/.botoconfig
    • uses oath token for authentication
  • works paper revisions due oct 1st.
  • dv/dt paper has been submitted as a CS dept tech report.
  • DOE Oakridge meeting
    • interface with ASPEN ( analytical modeling ) - domain specific language for defining code.
    • combine aspen model with machine model and come up with estimates of runtimes.
    • christopher riggers from RPI models parallel storage systems.
  • Explore visualization stuff for pegasus-plots and dashboard?

August 2014

August 25th, 2014

  • Ensemble Manager - User Authentication
    • initially gideon is working on a PAM based approach
  • refactored netlogger dead code
  • Workflow Checkpointing support - ongoing
  • Google Compute Engine
    • related to google genomics
    • put in support for GCE transfer tool to interact with Google Storage ( their S3 equivalent)
    • put in credential handling in the planner.
    • fits well with long term planning for pegasus.
  • Replica Catalog Service

August 18th, 2014

  • Data Reuse Partial Mode
  • Service integration
  • Profiles and Properties Documentation
    • Scope Column in the properties documentation ( transformation, job and global )
    • in profiles documentation corresponding property key
  • pegasus-service integration
    • need to integrate the documentation
  • redhat 5 builds
    • partially... because of 2.4 installed version pegasus-s3 fail
  • authentication mechanism
  • pegasus-service-admin migrate option
  • new tool pegasus-db-admin
  • get a new 32 bit VM with cents 6.5
  • also centos 7 VM
  • add a setup task that cleans $HOME/.pegasus in bamboo infrastructure.
  • Docker Kernel Problem
    • if a docker build running and you stop the build, then the whole thing crashes
    • one solution is to upgrade the kernel version.
    • cartman OS can be changed or move the docker builds to a VM.

August 11, 2014

August 4th, 2014

  • how to handle a single job wrapping around PMC
    • will add a property to turn the wrapping off.
  • checkpointing for LIGO . synonym for checkpointing. user level state files.
    • create a JIRA item that explains that.
    • list the various cases that will be handled
      • a lot of times in case of eviction kill -9 is sent.
  • pegasus dashboard changes
    • multi tenancy for users.

June 2014

June 30th, 2014

  • pegasus-remove and pegasus-dagman. pegasus-dagman has a wait of 100 seconds before monitord is killed, when pegasus-remove is called.
  • rafael will add a workflow test case for JDBCRC
  • Still have to make a slider.
  • Karan will work on XSEDE poster for Pegasus
  • IPlant and metadata requirements.
  • pegasus-dagman / monitord /condor-dagman
    • hierarchal
    • PMC
    • GRAM

June 9th, 2014

  • 4.4 release
    • next week
    • documentation items remaining
    • JDBRC test cases and handover to SCEC

  • Dashboard improvements
    • dashboard improvements
  • Post Release Activiites
    • integrate pegasus service back into the main codebase

May 2014

May 12th, 2014

  • PM-747
    • will be used for soykb
    • test case
  • Development releases
    • 4.4
      • plan for June 20th
      • automatic data dependencies
      • wrap up existing stuff
      • documentation
      • JDBCRC change
      • documentation of FAQ's
    • 4.5
      • pegasus-service
        • some form of multi tenancy
        • python dependencies especially for external stuff is tricky
        • rename of dashboard database tables
      • pegasus-dashboard enhancements
      • separate the planning job from the prescript
      • checkpointing
      • software cleanup
      • transfers with hierarchies
      • leverage condor asynch transfers in pegasus lite
      • try for before christmas
      • 5 minute youtube video
    • 4.6
      • metadata
      • dax annotation
      • enhanced notifications
        • monitord
      • PMC data locality
      • globus online support ??
        • get credentials . at least do more research.
      • skipping symbolic links

May 5th, 2014

Condor week

  •   Lauren
    •  Karan needs to provide more documentation for her
  •  Kent Wenger
    •   dagman reporting
      •   dagman metrics files is created by newer versions of DAGMan in the submit directory.
    •  retry immediate parent
      • CMS has a requirement for this also. The most important thing on Kent's plate
  •  dynamic workflows
    •  node expansion . may not be that worthwhile
  •  pegasus lite asynch transfers
    •  using condor chirp in the pegasus lite shell script once the main computations are done. that way we can pipeline 
    •  does not work with partitionable slots
    •  does not work with condor file io

Bamboo Test Cases

  •  Job got hung for a long time??

User Survey

  • Developer Meeting will be moved to 1PM for 

April 2014

April 21st, 2014

      • Pegasus Metrics
        • ewa sent out the report for metrics to Dan. we need to get her final version.
        • JIRA metrics
          • work log feature of JIRA - everybody does not find it useful.
          • all developers need to be diligent of putting tasks into JIRA
          • sub tasks in JIRA ???
          • how to track user feature requests
        • performance improvement
          • get the data structures upto speed.
          • timing the cleanup is also important and canceling it if it goes too long
      • SI2 Tasks
        • Support Data as first class objects
          • file movement open JIRA item
          • data flow dependencies
        • Support annotations for runtime and files sizes
        • software review of streamlined
        • tutorial VM's
        • refine and document metrics
          • we have the confluence page that captures
        • metadata registration in catalogs
        • triggers for enhanced notifications for long runtimes
          • we personally feel
        • pegasus service
          • have a release and multi tenancy
          • sort out all the python stuff.
          • reconsider moving pegasus-service back into pegasus git repo
        • documentation for integrating pegasus
        • enhance feature coverage and testing framework.
          • unit test coverage
        • adopt a model on how others can contribute to pegasus
          • document the process how people can contribute.
      • Customer Survey
        • identify questions to ask.

April 14th, 2014

  • JIRA Policy Document or page
  • Pegasus Metrics
  • Pegasus Survey
    • Develop a list of questions .
    • Forward to Duncan CBC Group
  • New Default Transfer Refiner - BalancedCluster

March 2014

March 31st, 2014

  • Gideon changed the tutorial VM.
  • Put in backward support for old credential handling.
  • Mats started on an outline for the optimizations chapter.
  • next week's developer meeting is cancelled.
  • general Pegasus dependencies
    • python > 2.4 and less 3.0
    • in general, easier to build from source rather than from source RPMs
  • update Pegasus README
  • change the build.xml to say default build without docs. remove the dist-nodoc target. instead we will have ant dist-release as the default target
  • also we should start having documentation per minor release and not per major release as we do now.

March 24th, 2014

  • Pegasus 4.3.2 release done last week
  • storage constraints paper - gideon, rafael and karan worked on it.
  • karan worked on the hpc-pegasus setup.. has workflows running through PMC
  • karan and mats have a XSEDE tutorial proposal that will be submitted today
  • dv/dt paper rejected for HPDC. Will try for a middleware conference due mid may
  • 4.4 release
    • checkpointing solution
    • leaf cleanup for hierarchal workflows
    • md5checksum option for guc transfers
      • we won't follow up on kickstart generating the checksums, but tracking checksums in replica catalog.

March 17th, 2014


  • XSEDE poster and tutorial proposal
    • will get it done this week. mats and karan will work on it.
  • idafen will work on a workshop paper for xsede on reproducibility
    • 4 page limit
    • deadline is april 5th.
  • energy simulation for SC 2014
    • measure energy when running workflows
    • try to check if energy usage changes whether data is transferred to a site, or everything is executed at one site.
  • sane defaults for 4.4 for transfer jobs, pre scripts etc
    • transfer jobs
      • how many stage in jobs - 2 jobs and each job with 2 threads.
      • how many threads each transfer jobs - pegasus-transfer has a default to 2
      • pegasuslite job
        • change sls name ? property name change
        • control the number of threads
      • add a chapter called tuning workflows
        • mats will add about a section on tuning transfers.
        • setting clustering parameters.
      • changing back the default refiner to bundle???
    • cleanup job
    • change hold release time to one hour.
  • new transfer refiner
    • maybe can use k means clustering ?
  • leaf cleanup for hierarchal workflows
    • --cleanup leaf,inplace,none
    • tell the planner to throw a warning when
  • sudharshan's paper
    • emphasize that the goal is not improving the makespan.
  • 4.3.2 release
    • release notes checked in on friday
    • mats will tag after the release.
    • the service should be installed in the tutorial VM image.
  • Condor Categories
    • similar to dagman categories.
    • will condor accounting groups work??

March 10th, 2014


  • Should we stage sub-workflow output files to parent workflow scratch? (related to leaf cleanup)
  • Should we enable DAX jobs to have input and output uses, and distinguish between planner inputs and sub-workflow inputs?
  • SUB DAG keyword to make pegasus generated subdag submit files match with dagman version alway
  • data reuse edge case
    • have fix for it and have added unit test cases
  • altassian licenses expiring?
  • plan for a pegasus workshop / meeting for 2nd week of January 2015

March 3rd, 2014

  • monitord fix for LIGO
    • pegasus plan prescripts were not logged in the database.
  • checkpointing files
    • karan will create a JIRA item and send it to ligo folks for comment.
  • transfer fix
  • held jobs ?
  • separate pegasus plan planning jobs
    • throttle jobs via category.
  • real full ahead planning
    • plan full ahead -
    • will help in debugging workflows
  • hierarchal workflows planner arguments in the prescript wrapper shell scripts.
  • final cleanup job for the workflow
  • fix for iplant workflows cleanup. previously generated files whose locations are determined in the replica catalog should not be cleaned up

Workflow reproducability ( idafen )

  • here for 3 months - march/april and may
  • document the infrastructure that was used to generate the workflows
  • created ontologies to describe infrastructure.
  • precip API
    • expressed an interest  in it . 
    • he focuses not  on how to deploy, but instead to describe the infrastructure
    • then do experiments that take in his description and deploy it using precept
  • target two conferences
    • one systems
    • other semantic

Pegasus Submit Node on HPCC

  • waiting on glite recommendations from condor-admin

Feb 2014

February 24th, 2014

SCEC Transfer Issues

  • hpc login crashed for scec workflows because of too many stageout jobs
  • there were too many connections open at xinetd level
  • also the stageout jobs were starving all the other local universe jobs in the workflows
  • so the workflows were getting bunched at the stageout level
    • we solved it by moving only the transfers to the vanilla universe on shock
    • ran into credential handling backward compatibility we put in 4.4 after new credential handling.

Transfer Configuration for 4.4

  • by default the number of threads will be 2
  • we will expose a way via properties to increase the number if users want to have better bandwidth
  • in case of any failures, pegasus-transfer will revert back on a single thread

February 10th, 2014

Postscript handling



- We have implemented a solution in PM-737 to get around condor quoting rules.


- MPI code are not kickstart wrapped

 - Pegasus should indicate whether a clustered job or a kickstart job.


- DAGMan exitcode 



checkpoint jobs

 - 10% of runtimes

 - pegasus-transfer will have to be changed

 - link is set to type checkpoint

 - transaction support for checkpoint

 - timeout  is job runtime - process

 - pegasus-kickstart timeout method

 - also has dv/dt implications for monitoring. 


pegasus-exitcode assumes success and checks for failure

 - refactored the script for unit tests as a library

 - pegasus-statistics

 - pegasus-analyzer  ( maybe some commonality)

 - pegasus python library has to be included in worker package





 - threads are handled similar to pegasus-s3

 - default threading


 - expose options end to end

 - initial threads to irods

 - what options to set


pegasus-config will now work with a source checkout

December 2013

December 16th, 2013

  • TODO: Talk about ADAMANT design

December 3rd, 2013

  • 4.3.1 release
    • just need to send the announcement.
    • gideon has updated the build infrastructure in bamboo to build the release
    • to do
      • do a drupal snippet, to update the downloads page automatically.
        • dynamically render the page using the shared directory in drupal.
    • pegasus-analyzer will have a recurse option.
  • identity management for pegasus service
    • portal use case
    • user authentications
    • website
      • put a token in a cookie.
    • draw bigger pictures on the identity stuff.
  • Unicore Testing

November 2013

 November 11th, 2013

  • 4.4 Planning
    • according to proposal, we need pegasus as a service, metadata registration, enhanced notifications on long runtimes etc.
    • ligo realtime analysis?
      • scott and kent mentioned that real time analysis is a priority.
      • gstreamer interface.
      • investigate streaming workflows
    • unicore testing support
  • Pegasus Tutorial on (Mats VM on oregon region)
  • Pegasus as a service
  • Ensemble Manager
    • an ensemble has no end state currently.
    • update documentation on the website
    • gideon plans to remove the upload catalog options. instead the clients will read in the properties and automatically upload.
  • NSF Cloud Proposal
    • Experiment management.... maybe does not align itself with NSF Cloud.
  • Adamant Demo
    • workflows are setup and done.

November 4th, 2013

  • Tutorial format finalized for November 14th meeting. similar to software carpentry layout
  • 4.4 release things
    • pegasus metadata support
      • dax schema changes
      • irods - support for metadata attributes
      • s3 objects - they can have tags associated with it.
    • transient replica catalog.
    • unicore support
    • for JIRA items move to the next one.
    • moteur support.
    • dv/dt wrapper support ( probably in a separate dv/dt branch)
  • move to VMWare for hosting websites
    • will be as a VM in a VMWARE ESX pool.
      • initially 4 VM's for Bamboo BNT
      • retire the machine for PAGE QC
    • long term we are moving to ESX

October 2013

October 1st, 2013

Pegasus 4.3 release

  • dashboard is separate
  • prepare rpm for ligo
  • ssh submission for 4.3
  • tutorial vm almost done
    • the clock issue remains. probably an issue with how virtualbox does the time.
  • need to hear back from scott
  • sepiddeh working on make flow compatible code generator.

September 2013

September 23rd, 2013

Software Carpentry followup
  • Create a pegasus youtube channel.
  • See if that can be linked from the ISI webcast page.

ISI Pegasus Workshop

  • Submit host setup at HPCC
  • specs are similar to
  • gideon will mail to HPCC admins today about this

Tutorial VM

  • networking issue
    • persistent rules file /etc/udev/rules/70-persistent-networking.rules
    • instead of deleting it lets just disable it in our VM's
  • X with virtual box guest additions for enabling copy paste
  • turn on ntp
  • larger virtual disk - will increase the size to 8GB
  • X should just add couple of hundred MB's

Pegasus Release

  • Tutorial VM
  • pegasus-statistics
  • pick up a release date
  • tentatively next friday i.e the 4th.

September 9th, 2013

Software Carpentry

  • Karan will prepare introductory slides for Pegasus.
  • Talk to John about providing a Pegasus submit node.
  • Rajiv will be working on the Pegasus RNASeq VM.
  • John Mehringer will go first in the second day.
  • Parking is in Levy structure in southwest corner.
  • Inquire about shuttle from Health Science Campus.
  • Still do - RNASeq module.
  • Put Information about parking and HSC Shuttle.
    • Parking Center.

Pegasus Release

  • waiting for Scott to do release testing.

Pegasus Lite Paper

  • Karan will send the camera ready version today.


  • using netlogger for logging.
  • replace python logging framework
  • incorporating events from the remote site
  • AMQP ?
    • Getting events into a common file.
  • Run montage using precip

Condo of Condos Workshop

  • Laurent and Gideon have 10 minutes each.
  • Bosco new name is MyHTC.


August 26th, 2013

Pegasus 4.3 release

  • dagman metrics not implemented yet by kent. still in design phase.
  • testing stuff
    • unit tests running in bamboo.
  • add missing data dependencies
    • still checks and produces errors

Precip Logging

  • getting the metrics back

Pegasus Hold

  • how to get dagman stop submitting jobs
  • idle jobs need to go on hold.
  • we can send sigusr1 to dagman.
  • need to handle hierarchal workflows.
  • JDBC RC stuff


  • we will just update the existing version one.
  • have a python based RC for Replica Catalog.

Ensemble Manager Paper

  • Gideon will be working on it.

DAGMan replacement??

  • Software engg stuff.

August 19th, 2013

  • Pegasus 4.3 release
    • output mapper stuff implemented.
    • pegasus-statistics changes checked in by Rajiv
    • app metrics associated with the metrics report
      • can be used for RNASeq tracking and other applications
      • the metrics UI will be able to filter on the name.
  • Globus Online Support - move to 4.4 release
    • can only do certain parts of transfers.
    • for transfers from local submit host , we need to use globus connect
      • credentials issue
      • for submit host, there needs a local endpoint.
  • LIGO testing ?
    • prepare a pre release RPM for LIGO 

August 12th, 2013

  • Pegasus Lite Paper
    • Wait for the Big Data and Science Workshop
  • 4.3 Release
      • Output Mapper Submission
        • error if output site and a output mapper replica catalog specified
      • Globus Online Support in pegasus-transfer
        • OAuth tokens issue.. when to get the token
        • support for multi end point with different credentials
        • probably need to do a pegasus-globus-online
          • the client needs to be blocking .
      • SSH Submission
        • Will use RNASeq for that.
      • Boto downgrade worked.
        • did not build on RHEL 5
      • Test Suite
        • Suite of integration tests
          • checksum the files
  • Ensemble Manager
    • Almost done with the first version
    • Will work on the Galactic Plane version
  • General JUnit Tests for Pegasus
  • Galactic Plane Paper

July 2013

July 29th, 2013

Software Carpentry

  • Workflows Tutorial
    • 1 hours overview of HPCC if HPCC folks are interested.
    • Pegasus Tutorial ( 2 hours )
    • An info part on where to run jobs
      • OSG
      • HPCC
      • XSEDE

  • Pegasus Development
    • Rajiv will complete the pegasus-statistics part
    • error messages ( give more hints on what went wrong on site selection )

  • Monitoring API
    • wants a jar with a simple API to monitor workflows
    • wrap it up in a jar
    • provide interface 
    • portal integration
      • rest interface for the pegasus service

July 8th, 2013

  • gideon has changes checked in dax2dot based on the closures and reductions
  • karan has checked in the LCA approach. But does not scale for our performance test case.
  • Also changed the way edges added for the create dir nodes. that will go in for 4.3.
  • Precip Paper
    • deadline extended to the 19th of July.
  • Posters to be made for XSEDE
  • Sudharshan will make a poster on his cleanup work on Monday.
    • Sudharshan will be going on Monday to campus to present the poster around 1-3PM
    • Will give a talk to CCG group Tuesday July 16th at 11:00AM
  • Currently, sudharshan's algo takes 15 seconds on a 1000 node montage workflow.

July 1st, 2013

  • monitord bug fix checked in
  • algorithm to remove extra graph dependencies
  • backups
    • we need to update the pegasus machine
      • jira, svn , website ( website and svn need to move at the same time ) , crowd updates
      • confluence was moved to another . also coordinate with action to do the move.
      • mats already updated crowd today
        • there is secret number of conf files... apache on top of tomcat
      • update to debian machines
        • obelix, cartman and stewie, and the ccg worker nodes.
  • mats has updated the bamboo tests to use new filesystem paths
  • ADAS abstract
    • for galactic plane on Amazon. if accepted due in september.
  • 4.3 release
    • fix error messages. see what can be done to improve them .
    • output replica catalog
    • pegasus-transfer tests.
    • updates to cleanup algorithm based on sudharshan's work ??
    • release notes will be updated to indicate the dashboards move to pegasus-services thing.
  • Precip Paper
    • mats will do the zotero work.
    • submitting to cloud com in bristol uk.
    • seppideh has some data on openstack. could not get all instances started up.
    • seppideh will release the token to gideon to do an edit pass
  • Cleanup Algorithm

June 2013

June 24th, 2013

  • Pegasus Development
  • Update on SCEC visit
    • pegasus-archive tool
      • archive everything other than the stampede db and braindump file
    • scott will try to cluster rupture variations for the same rupture in one task based on runtime estimates
    • the SGT will become 16 times bigger and post processing 8 times bigger on move to 1HZ. clustering rupture variations in scec code will help in reducing the number of jobs in the DAX
    • Scott tried to generate a single DAX for the post processing worklfow. Was unable to do so. Has generated two dax'es
  • Galactic Plane
    • Cut out service. Slow times on retrieving the image from S3. Small bandwith between S3 and EC2
    • Will need to have monitoring etc... Not fast enough for a webpage to be responsive.. will need some queuing up
    • Backups
      • Mats working on Kepler data.
      • mats tried backup with S3. does not like symlinks. will change the way backups are managed. the transfer times can be long.
  • Update from Sudharshan
    • Good progress. showed some simulations
  • Adamant Update
    • we are on hook for providing the interfaces in pegasus-transfer that will talk to the exo planner service
    • also provide shadow queue service, that gives estimates on jobs that will be in the queue.
    • supercomputing demo?
  • Precip Paper
    • majeick si doing some experiments

June 17th, 2013

  • Pegasus Development
    • the dax job handling is completed.
    • update on ligo front.
    • condor priorities for local universe jobs
      • not handled right now.
      • gideon has a ticket open for them.
    • gideon observation of s3
      • scalable but not good latency or
  • Pegasus Lite Paper
    • mats is almost done with the runs. to grep through the runs to get the intermediate files in and out of S3
    • not done the S3 caching for rosetta as yet. still not sure. too much work for the time remaining.
    • mats did do the runs with task clustering. he got better numbers and saw a difference in case of rosetta.
    • interleaving of compute jobs and transfers. may help montage.. but won't help rosetta
    • whether we should include the new pegasus 4.2 features.
  • Cleanup Algorithm
  • Glacier Backups for NFS?
    • instead of using two qnaps, just have one and use other for duplicates
    • we need a place for backups
    • currently the QNAPS are 18TB each with raid 6. Raid 10 is a better configuration on the QNAP according to the forums. This means though we will have half the space.
      • have one qnap for scratch
      • have other qnap for storage - the storage will be backed upto glacier. right now QNAP only support S3. Support for glacier is coming.
    • ewa and richard think glacier backups are a good option.
      • there might be a purge policy required on glacier.
  • Precip Paper
    • change tracking on
    • use dropbox
    • broadcast when you making a new version.

June 10th, 2013

- Pegasus Development

- change to dax handling

- fix of stdout 

- regex based replica catalog. 

- changes to pegasus-statistics for aggregate statistics


Pegasus  Lite Paper

- compute data between s3 and local disk.

- compute costs for the runs ? 

- have data outside 

- local cache for the S3 client ??  could affect the rosette cache. 

 - change the rosetta workflow.

 - if there are a lot of small files.

 - reading parts of files.

- Ewa will send her version of the changes.


Sudharshan Algorithm for Cleanup

  • Greedy appraoch planned
  • will try implementing a version and show the different executable workflows created

June 3rd, 2013

Pegasus Lite Paper

  • Breakdown of the runtimes , experiments
    • In case of sharedfs, the kickstart runtimes in the breakdown file will be longer
    • for the S3 case we can calculate the S3 transfer time by calculating the difference between the cumulative runtimes
    • doing two experiments rosetta(cpu intensive) and montage( io intensive)

Pegasus Development

  • Java DAX API issues
    • might be some bugs in there.

Precip Paper

  • Ewa wants a link to pegasus website in the paper.
  • have more logical thinking in the paper, like reliability and repeatability
  • Sepideh adding some new figures to the paper.
  • Maciek will provide an experiment use-case for the paper.

Stampede and Corral Annual Reports

  • Karan and Mats will be working on these

Sudarshan's Project

  • Going to look into providing a cleanup algorithm that meets a given storage constraint
  • Will look at the static problem of inserting dependencies into the workflow to achieve a solution

PMC Paper

  • on amazon
  • with clustering and pmc


  • Should get the logo sample this week, once we approve then we can order shirts


  • Rafael is working on a draft of the data collection and modeling paper
  • We are planning on publishing data, will start drafting a format this week

May 2013

May 20th, 2013

Confluence is going slow. Mats is going to look.

Analytics are set up on Confluence now.

Pegasus Transfer

  • Mats committed a new version that has support for 2-stage transfers

Pegasus S3 Client

  • Gideon changed .s3cfg to .pegasus/s3cfg

Pegasus Lite Paper

  • Mats is working on the experiments
  • We have two weeks to the deadline

PMC Paper

  • Experiments on Amazon comparing Pegasus, Pegasus w/ Clustering, PMC alone

Pegasus Service

  • Finished setting up users and test suite
  • Next is a quick-and-dirty ensemble manager implementation
  • Gideon is going to commit a change to Pegasus that removes the dashboard components. They will live in the pegasus-service repository from now on.

Summer Student

  • Need to think up a project. Needs to be research-oriented and relatively small.
  • Cleanup? Precip? 

Contacting users

  • Find out if they need anything.


  • Simple examples in Perl, Python and Java
  • Gideon will add them to the examples in the pegasus Git repo

April 2013

April 22nd, 2013

Pegasus 4.2.1 Release
  • monitord prescript handling fixed
    • pegasus-analyzer should detect prescript failures, and the prescript exitstatus should be logged in the database
    • pegasus-statistics was updated for the job instance report
  • pegasus planner
    • need to confirm all checkin's are complete
  • do we want to get LIGO to do a test or just release?

Pegasus statistics across workflows - Rajiv

Pegasus Lite Paper

  • Mats will do the runs on Amazon
  • Karan will work on paper when he comes back

pegasus-hold and pegasus-release

  • any difference between doing a hold on the dagman directly or pegasus-dagman
  • we need to do more investigations on monitord


  • Mats is trying to run on HPCC
  • a single job is running fine.

April 8th, 2013

Pegasus 4.2.1 Release
  • Work on it towards this week
  • monitord prescript issue to fix
Pegasus 4.3

Pegasus Posters

  • One at XSEDE
  • joint one with BOSCO team

Pegasus Lite Paper

  • Submission to IEEE Big Data

New Programmer Hire

  • expanded posting on confluence
  • New Programmer Hire
  • will send out to HPC Wire , RENCI and USC SC Connect

April 1st, 2013

Pegasus Lite Paper

  • Waiting on Ewa
  • Not much we can do about the IEEE conference. The page limit is 8 , the current size of the paper.

XSEDE Poster

  • Pegasus Poster. Karan will send update
  • Also a joint Pegasus BOSCO poster
  • Also as part of that we will get the MPI workflows up and running through Pegasus and BOSCO

Pegasus Development

  • Bypass of staging input files for Pegasus Lite Case
  • Inplace cleanup bug fixes done.
  • pegasus-s3
    • gideon checked in changes of copy from one file to another
    • mats adds a pegasus transfer
  • workflow cleanup nodes
    • separate cleanup node in the workflow
    • for hierarchal workflows we only delete the outermost workflow
    • what happens if no output-site specified
      • the ligo case!
  • backward compatiblity for LIGO
  • Pegasus Dashboard
    • general javascript updates
  • Generic Pegasus Slides
    • 2-3 slides.


March 2013

March 25th, 2013

  • Pegasus Lite Paper Submission
  • Pegasus-statisitcs
    • Waiting on Scott to get back with the list of metrics
    • Rajiv will be working on it
  • pegasus-s3 changes
    • we want to be able to copy output files from one s3 bucket to another
    • requires changes to pegasus-transfer and pegasus-s3
  • final node for cleaning up remote directories
    • also related is getting the cleanup algorithm working when we bypass first level staging.

March 18th, 2013

  • Mats has an RPM almost sorted out for LIGO that does not require us to have PYTHONPATH set. Instead the libraries go into standard locations
  • Karan is testing this RPM at on spice-dev1 and has setup a page with instructions on how to submit a test workflow to VIRGO
  • Statistics across root workflows
    • earlier gaurang had generated statistics for scec runs by hand... executiing queries on the msql command line
    • he does not have the queries documented anywhere
    • this is something we have talked about in context of 4.3 with Rajiv
    • will follow up with scott on wednesday's call
  • 4.2.1 release
    • backward compatibility for LIGO . still to be done
    • probably next week after the pegasus annual report
    • RPM to handle native python installation
  • Pegasus Annual Report
    • Karan will work on it this week
    • Try to follow the same template as earlier.

March 4th, 2013

  • Sent link on DAGMan metrics to DAGMan Metrics Reporting to Ewa
  • Metrics for Rob Quick's workflow
  • Gideon pushed out kickstart changes
  • Rajiv has pushed changes to the queries for the dashboard.
  • Setup meeting with Jaime and Derrick at OSG AHM to discuss
    • remote_initialdir
    • extra attributes for glite/bosco submissions
    • mpi workflows.
  • OSG Poster to be made this week. And 4.2 Release slides.

February 2013

February 11th, 2013

Direct submission of workflows to PBS

  • Glite submission in Condor. We setup a VM that hosts a PBS scheduler and using that too test
  • Karan prepared an example for 4.2 that can be used to submit directly to local PBS using the glite interfaces in Condor
    • the remote_initialdir  / +remote_iwd  does not work
      • problem for MPI codes
      • for the time being, the example prepared relies on kickstart to change the directory before launching a job
    • there is also a ssh style that allows us to use BOSCO to do remote submissions using SSH to a PBS cluster
      • that one also has the issue of remote initialdir

 - jobstate.log refactoring. 

 - data transfer ( support for globus online) 

- lightweight tracing

 -  task stats. net link socket pegasus-kickstart . how much memory the task used and io used. 

 - add task stats to kickstart

 - ptrace

 - trace  linux equivalent is system tap


- dashboard improvements

 - single api for clients

 - last week drop down

 - performance run on large workflows.


February 4th, 2013

  • CCGrid / Pegasus Lite Paper
    •  Performance section
    •  remove the experiments section?
    •  OR
    •  extra experiments section 
    •  have the squid proxy cache
    • find a workshop to submit the paper
  • Cloud Paper
    •  Ewa is working on it.

  • Git HUB Migration
    •  - couple of branches like monitord , pmc and dang are branches
    •  - svn will be made read only . 
    •  - update the website with all the development information
    •  - bamboo scripts
    •  - documentation ( long term )
    •  - nightly builds
  • SSH Submission
    •  - gsissh submission for blue waters
    •  - ssh to blue waters is required for OTP
    •  - passing of parameters to PBS
    •  - SSH key
    •  - ssh agent.
    •  - queue keyword
    •  - Batch session
    •  - submit jobs to HPCC
    •  - Gideon will do that. 

  • monitord memory explosion
    •  - long term for monitord 
    •  - pegasus-dagman replacement 

  •   minor release 4.2.1
    •  - potential monitord bug issue
    •  - long term dagman replacement

  • Response time for metrics page
    •  - occasionally it is slow
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