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We’ve had more high-level visitors from places like DOD (and other) agencies recently who are more responsive to interactive demos than just slides. If anybody has good ideas for demos (either live or demo, probably not more than 5 minutes), please send let me know if you are interested. There’s the possibility of funding at the level of a masters student for a semester or so to help put together the demo. We should be able to describe the demo in one page or less or one slide. Submissions need to be in to Yigal, John W., and Prem by December 8.


  • Required Duration 5 minutes
  • Target Audience - Program Managers at various funding agencies
      • highlight capabilities.
      • environments where Pegasus can be run in.
  • Interactive Demo or Video?
    • We feel that video is more useful and highlight the real cases.
      • a synthetic workflow is not a good demo, and no workflow finishes in 5 minutes
      • We want to highlight real world science application areas
      • should not be a tutorial
  • Video Storybook Outline
    • Introduce Pegasus and it's capabilities
    • Highlight different supported execution environments
    • Current users and applications
      • Impact of Pegasus and achieved by using Pegasus
      • Have people from each field (or subset from list below) give a 30 second video on how Pegasus helps their science
        • LIGO
        • Earth Sciences
          • SCEC
          • Frank's Workflow
        • Astronomy
        • Bioinformatics
          • Imputation  - Steve / Tara
          • iPlant workflows - SoyKB etc
          • QC Systems - CGSMD
    • the latter half will be screenshots of the setting up the workflow and then screenshots of dashboard.
  • Video Developer
    • eventually we will have to identify videos we like.
  • What do we show?
    • Application
      • Should have some pretty output
      • science should be explainable to the layman
    • Where do we run
      • ?
    • How do we present runs
      • Workflow Dashboard 
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