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September 2018

September 28th, 2018

  • Rescheduling meetings
    • Either Tuesday or Thursdays
      • Karan will circulate a doodle poll
  • Pegasus 4.9.0 Release
    • transformation selection issue
      • karan has not been able to recreate it yet.
      • will look into it more today
    • docker singularity pulls
    • container symlink 
    • deprecate api's
      • modify DAX generators to indicate version/ DAX API used.
      • will look into ways on how to do it
        • one way is workflow metadata attributes
        • second is attribute to ADAG object.
      • rajiv will check how it gets stored in the metrics server
    • will try and do a poster with Mike at ADASS
    • deadline is Oct 8th

September 21st, 2018

  • Rescheduling meetings
    • Either Tuesday or Thursdays
  • Pegasus 4.9 release
    • integrity error reporting
      • pegasus-statistics reporting information about integrity errors
      • the unicorn dashboard for internal swip purposes
        • errors are appearing in the stream
        • more brainstorming required. the data is there
        • not clear whether to use grafana or kibana
          • does not have drill down functionality
          • mix of production and test workflows
          • create different queues in AMQP exchanges
    • container mount point support
      • karan is close to have that being implemented
    • transferring outputs to multiple location
      • lets say one for portal and the other for 
      • list of output sites
      • good feature to add for 4.9.1
      • update --output-site option to pegasus-plan
    • pull docker images for singularity runs
      • we should do for 4.9.0
      • planner needs to tell pegasus-transfer an extra attribute. 
        • add a type attribute
    • Papers 
      • Github private papers repo
    • Deprecate stuff
      • perl api
      • old catalog formats
      • pegasus-plots
    • Hiring