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Table of Contents

February 2018

February 23th, 2018

Python Dependencies

All - future

Pegasus Service - Flask, SQLAlchemy, Flask-SQLAlchemy, Flask-Cache, pam, plex, pyOpenSSL, ordereddict

pegasus-monitord - SQLAlchemy

pegasus-analyzer - SQLAlchemy

pegasus-s3 - boto

pegasus-globus-* - globus-sdk

pegasus-init - jinja2

pegasus-metadata - argparse

PostgreSQL - psycopg2

MySQL - MySQL-Python OR mysqlclient

February 9th, 2018

  • SWIP 
    • checksum computation will be implemented in pegasus-transfer. 
      • allows us to handle the case where the input files don't have checksums in the RC
    • integrity checks are disabled now for files that dont have checksums in the RC
    • dial knob
  • Tests
    • seem to be slow
    • bamboo could be moved to the new server
    • storage constraint test
  • Lizard FS
    • Mats will give an update next time around
  • Servers
    • Trying to do two server
    • IF we buy one server
      • Buy a storage server. That is Mats preference.
      • SoyKB workflow has
    • Compute 
      • we will get a compute server first. 
    • We should figure out the server and put in the request soon, and done by Feb end
  • LSST
    • Tom Glanzman? 
    • We will touch base on Monday with Tom and Nersc folks
  • Office Hours today
    • have a presentation on containers
    • will upload on the website