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  • Pegasus 4.7.4 Release
    • targeted for next week. 
    • LIGO ran into a prescript issue
      • pegasus lite deleted the worker package in the workflow submit directory
        • only triggered when there was a subsequent compute job.
  • new transformation catalog format 
  • containers
    • open issue whether docker wrapper launches pegasus lite 
    • or the other way around

February 10th, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.3 Release
    • SCEC has issue with pegasus-db-admin 
      • mysqldump timesout when updating their replica catalog
    • Database TC
      • remove support for Database TC
  • Stewie and fisheye upgrades
    • fisheye upgrade
      • Mats agreed to do the upgrade
    • stewie runs debian 7
      • we need to upgrade it one day or later.
      • runs GridFTP and mysql 
      • RabbitMQ is running there
      • MongoDB is running there
      • Catalog dependencies on stewie
    • 5K limit for a new server
  • OSG All Hands Meeting
    • no tutorial looks like 
    • lots of pegasus users coming there
  • Containers Support
    • pegasus lite invokes the docker wrap. 
    • singularity support will be required.
    • container modes 
      • should we support docker definition file
        • do we build on the worker nodes?
      • pull in  an existing docker image from the hub
        • on the staging site
      • whether we should unload an image or not
        • we should try and cleanup
      • credential renaming has to be worked out
    • Transformation Catalog
      • how to represent container dependency in the transformation catalog