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  • Pegasus 4.7 Release
    • release notes and documentation is done
    • need to follow up with Action for our build VM's
    • LIGO is not going to test 4.7 release as they are in midst of a cluster upgrade.
    • Rafael will write a blogpost about R API after the 4.7 release
  • Dashboard requests 4.7.1
    • rafael and rajiv will work on getting dashboard to display the database schema version and the pegasus version
    • useful, when a new version of pegasus is deployed and .
    • Unable to read the sqlite database
      • related to users permissions on the database
  • from braindump in replay mode should be able to pick up relative paths.
  • brew error on macos sierra
    • brew releases are built manually 
    • after the release we have to update the formula to reflect latest stable version.
  • ACME workflow on MIRA
    • GitHub page to be updated with list of dependent software
    • ACME team needs to help with installation of one of the software.

September 2016

September 16th, 2016