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  • Builds
    • disabling RHEL5, Debian 6, Ubuntu precise. Karan will make sure in the code it works
  • Pegasus 4.7.0 Release
    • reached out to LIGO. hopefully they will start testing
    • rajiv checked in dashboard changes
    • karan to write documentation for directory layout
    • rafael will update pegasus-exitcode next week.
  • Pegasus 4.8.0 release
    • one of the first things will be to update the SUBDAG keyword.
  • LLNL account approved for Karan
  • OLCF account waiting for notarized documents to be received
  • SCEC 
    • concurrency limits for transfer jobs
    • prime candidate for priority stuff that will allow good interleaving of transfer jobs with the compute jobs
    • ask Scott to see if 8.5.6 condor can be released.
  • ACME workflow
    • HSI client for HPSS storage.  
    • Karan will reply to Jamie.
  • Bluewaters HTCondor install
    • Bluewaters renewed till 2019

September 9th, 2016

  • Builds
    • disabling RHEL5, Debian 6, Ubuntu precise
  • Pegasus Development
    • 4.6.2 released . LIGO has updated it. 
      • LIGO tripped over changes to planner submit directory behavior
      • held job reasons are recorded in the database
    • 4.7.0 release
      • went through pending items
      • targeting end of the month for the release
  • proposal
    • data aware workflow management
    • no BPEL only a reference for it.