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August 5th, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • waiting for LIGO to check the support for changes for OSG, where pegasuslite URLs are converted to file URL if the staging site and compute site are same
      • Karan has a call with Duncan next week planned.
    • staging sites deep directory structure
      • mats has it working for one of the workflow.
      • automatic delayed job retries 
      • the real fix should be in DAGMan. Karan will follow up with Kent. Will address for 4.8
    • postscript output redirects
      • one file per job is what we had considered earlier
      • maybe we should do it per workflow log file.
  • DIPA workflow development
    • good progress there. 
  • Titan Setup
    • we should consider setting up it the same way as bluewaters
  • Next Pegasus proposal
    • next week meeting we should iterate on items.
  • Samrat issue
    • get pegasus-exitcode to look for final output files
    • checked in workflows to the pegasus repository
      • bioconductor repository
      • would be good to setup PAGE cloud VM with the workflow.
  • Deter Krans Mueller
    • director of supercomputing in germany
    • supermute supercomputing cluster
    • will send a student for 3 months to ISI end of the month.
  • Rafael plans to practical comparison paper
    • Gui's docker stuff.
    • do a blogpost of montage with above docker stuff.