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  • Tutorial VM
    • rajiv will update dashboard screenshots and go through the Virtual machine based tutorial
    • should work for 4.5.3 . will work for the release
    • need to make the changes for 4.6.0
      • should consider batch inserts
      • sqlite supports unlimited connections
        • for write locks , 25 jobs running for write locks. after 25 and it ignores timeout settings.
        • 67 registration jobs.
        • raphael is implementing a back off
        • category for the registration jobs
        • eventually do the dagman category stuff
    • metadata registration
      • information for output files is tracked. 
      • pegasus-metadata client
  • concurrency limits 
    • in partitionable slots this has an affect on performance
    • for 4.5.3 we will have a knob and set it to false by default.
  • Dashboard and PAM problem.
    • mats will create JIRA item.
  • salon working on data from MYRA
    • trying to find contention of data

October 16th, 2015

Pegasus development