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  • XSEDE Tutorial
    • 2 Posters and one tutorial
  • Pegasus Development
    • common resource requirements PM-962
      • documentation needs to be updated
      • we have cores , hostcount
      • karan should make sure cores is translated correctly to ncpus for PBS
    • Pegasus REST API for integrating with Pegasus 
    • pegasus transfer
      • checkpoint files

July 17th, 2015

  • PMC Cpu affinity
  • LIGO pegasus analyzer bug
    • has been passed to LIGO . awaiting to hear from them
  • Cleanup algo
  • Resource Requirements
    • common pegasus profiles
  • SGE
    • change.dir should be set automatically for shared filesystem stuff
    • documented already.
  • kickstart path variable to prepend.
  • REST interface for monitoring for pegasus is done. Rajiv completed this week.
  • extensions to the cleanup algorithm. rafael will start working .
  • Pegasus 4.5.1 release
    • will be done after XSEDE.
  • Pegasus XSEDE tutorial
  • XSEDE Pegasus Poster
    • show a LIGO workflow for the XSEDE poster.
  • Salt configuration needs to be updated
    • Student machines on salt
  • panorama
    • rabbit mq installed on exogeni site.
    • darek will do message batching working.
    • gideon recommends doing it with the AMQP C API library
    • message interleaving in kickstart.
    • lot of unacknowledged messages in rabbit mq
  • kickstart polling loop
  • all kickstart memory values are in MB