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  • Pegasus 4.8.0 Release
    • went out this week
    • documentation
    • pyglidein
      • out of icecube
      • mats added a section in the documentation
        • pretty neat once it is setup
        • and works really well on machines with two factor
        • not tuned for MPI things.
        • on the submit  machine a web based python thing.
        • pegasus resource profiles will work out of the box with pyglidein
  • Releases
    • Post 4.8 Releases 
      • changes in the debain build
        • source package has been renamed. mats removed the source part
        • changed the versioninig of RPM and debian. The dev series will have the timestamp in it.
          • pegasus-version -f also has timestamp
      • Will create a separate YUM and DEB developer repositories
        • repositories will not be signed. 
      • Mats is still playing setup
      • Worked a lot on Debian packaging.
  • HipChat will be upgraded to Stride
  • Mats updated JIRA today
  • Sim Center Workflows
    • Using Condor IO thing
    • for 4.8.1 we should look at the remap thing
  • SWIP Poster
    • the first review is really good
  • Docker and Singularity
    • have stuff about engineering challenges
    • But not enough usage
    • Practical Aspect
  • Von's Group

August 2017

August 25th, 2017