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  • Pegasus development
    • 4.6.1 release next week
      • pegasus-status change for new Condor changes
        • cartoon will be upgraded to 8.5.x
      • pegasus-analyzer
        • will report correctly submit failures
      • better errors for mismatch in cores/ppn requirements
      • Tag and build on Thursday.
      • pegasus-s3
        • batched uploads and downloads
      • output directory options fails if local scratch not specified
  • LIGO transfer issue
    • NFS reported write as successful for a transfer job.
      • wget reported data was transferred and wget succeededgood use case for checksumming of data
      • where do checksums come from
        • for data files good placeholder in the transformation catalog.
      SCEC had similar issues where SGT's had gotten corrupted
        • that is why SCEC put a specific job in the workflow and uses ABORT DAG on feature
  • Call with Kent for adding nodes to a running DAG
  • group jobs with similar errors
    • might be a python library in there
  • HTCondor Week
    • proposed a hands on tutorial
  • pegasus 4.7
    • ignore integrity constraints in monitord 
      • only for duplicate keys

April 1st, 2016

  • Pegasus development
  • Submitted tutorial for XSEDE 16
    • will include RADICAL
    • might update tutorial with BOSCO. Mats already have BOSCO to run on Comet
  • Derrick Lazaro wants to build a bigger filesystem ( 400 TB )
    • will be backed up 
    • has a commercial storage vendor in mind
    • has backed up capabilities in built ( block level backup)
    • let Mats know about storage needs
    • Mats estimated our storage needs to 25-50TB
  • Graduate student coming to the group mid may to july. brazilian student. currently in Florida
  • Ahmad group got a EPSCoR grant
  • CRAFT Meeting update