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  • Pegasus development
    • worker package tests in pegasus lite
      • pegasus lite will complain if the system architecture 
    • panorama tests now work
      • maybe some problems might be masked!
    • jdbcrc 
      • updated jdbcrc . for mysql and postgres deletes work differently. 
      • raphael will abstract it out
    • gideon changed the way the papi counters are used in kickstart
      • earlier signals were being used for threads to report counters
      • PAPI now allows to query for counter values
  • Pegasus cloud article
    • ewa is doing the final edits
  • HubBub presentation
  • panorama
    • darek working on getting papi counters to monitord
    • changed the job metrics table in the stampede database.

September 4th, 2015

  • Pegasus development
    • worker package creation on the submit host.
      • should we include python externals directory .
      • we will put that back in. we only need boto. 
      • also need to make sure it works for a RPM or deb install.
      • implement the compatibility check in PegasusLite
    • panorama tests
    • better error for input file replica selection failures
    • Scalr for openstack tests
      • action has a new openstack deployment. 
      • have our two QNAPS setup on the build VM's to run workflow tests.
      • run on vmware pool.
    • SCEC shallow LFN's
      • for registration in the replica catalog.
      • put the test in 4.5 . 
    • Database schema changes
      • pegasus-db-admin changes to database schema.
      • downgrades work
  • The short paper
    • working on the google doc.
    • we are not actively working on ec2.
  • panorama
    • adding papi counters to online monitoring. 
    • pegasus-transfer explodes when signal is sent
    • online monitoring dashboard.