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  • Pegasus 4.5.1 release
  • Bamboo machine troubles
    • panorama tests hung because of bamboo
    • do experiment for the case where we do condor off and see what happens to pegasus-dagman.
  • Panorama tests
    • look at build #73
  • pegasus-kickstart stuff
    • for interpose stuff
    • gideon investigating how to cover all cases for threads
    • wants to make sure that descriptor table is accessed in a thread safe way. in worse case
    • also is doing thread tracking, thread counters and thread lists
  • directory structure organization for submit directories.  
  • nonsharedfs mode problem for auxillary jobs
  • sudharshan cleanup algorithm
  • stefan update
    • working on user models on how to submit jobs to HPC
    • what user characteristics are of submission process 
  • to be able to show the IO part for SoyKB
    • metrics of success
      • makespan is reduced.
      • number of service units is reduced
  • what makes an application IO intensive

August 7th, 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5.1 release
  • 4.6 common resource requirements
    • we are now exposing three pegasus profiles cores, nodes and ppn.
    • added logic to do specific translations for PBS and SGE
  • cleanup bug fixed related to DAX transfer flag for input files
    • larger question and agreement. transfer flags for input files usually don't have any meaning.
    • transfer flag should be renamed or in the API
      • change in schema 
      • at minimum we should change the DAX API's
      • transfer attribute renamed to final output? 
  • spaces in Pegasus URL
    • gideon feels it should be mod 20 instead
    • somewhere in documentation . 
      • the planner should have more specific error message in case of spaces. 
  • kickstart enhancements - gideon
    • fixing edge cases in kickstart for the extended reporting
    • what can we do with the papi performance counters and see what will be used in panorama.
    • will be updated for counters.
    • gideon and darek will try and merge