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July 31st, 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5.1 release
    • will release it next week
    • update the mapper documentation
      • have a link to the replica catalog
    • steven clarke cleanup issue
  • resource requirements
    • update the resource requirements section for 4.6
  • acme integration
    • rajiv will work with bibi to integrate it with the REST monitoring api
  • kickstart changes to get papi counters
    • Only triggered if -Z option is passed 
    • the paper on xsede mentioned about them reporting per threads
    acme integration
    • rajiv will work with bibi to integrate it with the REST monitoring apialso we make better track of threads launched by the executable
      • some edge cases for the thread case
      • double execve of process does not work currently 
        • example: /usr/bin/env date
    • also record command line options for all sub process launched
      • in the proc record , the cmd tag 
      • grabs only first 1K of arguments
  • monitord amqp population
    • revert back to use the event name as the routing key for AMQP population.

July 24th, 2015

  • XSEDE Tutorial
    • 2 Posters and one tutorial
    • news item online
  • Pegasus Development
    • common resource requirements PM-962
      • documentation needs to be updated
      • we have cores , hostcount
      • karan should make sure cores is translated correctly to ncpus for PBS
    • Pegasus REST API for integrating with Pegasus
    • pegasus transfer
      • checkpoint files
    • LIGO developer notion of site attribute
      • maybe we should be more clearer in the documentation
    • automatically changing parameters for memory on job retries
      • check point file for the job is a partial solution
    • monitord amqp population
      • works.. we will document it on JIRA
  • Panorama
    • Darek implemented sending messages in batches from kickstart to rabbitmq
    • socket based communication between kickstart and lib interpose . was done to take of the file interleaving issue.
    • tests on obelix and exogeni indicate socket writes are atomic for panorama message