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  • Checkpointing feature
    • tested and implemented into pegasus
    • communicated with LIGO and John Veitch will test it next week.
    • will be run from a binary install
    • kickstart won't enforce non zero exit code for application exit code . we will require application codes to exit with non zero status.
  • Profile and Properties documentation integration
  • database schema upgrade tool
    • rafael starts working on it
  • support for google storage
    • hassan writes a paper for google storage
    • compare S3 with google storage
    • parallel uploads of chunks not supported with gsutils.. relies on a very specific python module
    • ~/.botoconfig
    • uses oath token for authentication
  • works paper revisions due oct 1st.
  • dv/dt paper has been submitted as a CS dept tech report.
  • DOE Oakridge meeting
    • interface with ASPEN ( analytical modeling ) - domain specific language for defining code.
    • combine aspen model with machine model and come up with estimates of runtimes.
    • christopher riggers from RPI models parallel storage systems.

August 2014

August 25th, 2014