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Table of Contents

November 2013

November 11th, 2013

  • 4.4 Planning
    • according to proposal, we need pegasus as a service, metadata registration, enhanced notifications on long runtimes etc.
    • ligo realtime analysis?
      • scott and kent mentioned that real time analysis is a priority.
      • gstreamer interface.
      • investigate streaming workflows
    • unicore testing support
  • Pegasus Tutorial on (Mats VM on oregon region)
  • Pegasus as a service
  • Ensemble Manager
    • an ensemble has no end state currently.
    • update documentation on the website
    • gideon plans to remove the upload catalog options. instead the clients will read in the properties and automatically upload.
  • NSF Cloud Proposal
    • Experiment management.... maybe does not align itself with NSF Cloud.
  • Adamant Demo
    • workflows are setup and done.

November 4th, 2013

  • Tutorial format finalized for November 14th meeting. similar to software carpentry layout
  • 4.4 release things
    • pegasus metadata support
      • dax schema changes
      • irods - support for metadata attributes
      • s3 objects - they can have tags associated with it.
    • transient replica catalog.
    • unicore support
    • for JIRA items move to the next one.
    • moteur support.
    • dv/dt wrapper support ( probably in a separate dv/dt branch)
  • move to VMWare for hosting websites
    • will be as a VM in a VMWARE ESX pool.
      • initially 4 VM's for Bamboo BNT
      • retire the machine for PAGE QC
    • long term we are moving to ESX