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  • metrics server update
    • donald still has to deploy the changes.
  • pegasus user questionnaire
    • gideon will send new links and will update
  • SCEC update
    • scott has debugged his memory
  • Pegasus Report
    • soykb and other iplant workflows ... part of ECSS
    • galactic plane
    • ahmeds work
  • pegasus dashboard updates
    • pegasus-dashboard is started whenever bamboo is built up
    • dashboard show all states for a job now.
  • pegasus-db-admin tool
    • test cases in bamboo
    • documentation
    • migration notes
    • some python errors that need to be fixed.
  • 4.5 release
    • still remaining
      • held jobs tracking in monitord
    • job retry set to 1 and disable retries for DAX jobs
    • decrease the held period from one hour when job is removed.
    • improved documentation for output mappers
    • ensemble manager todo's
      • we won't have ensemble manger in multiuser mode
      • support both modes ( upload a tar file and finer grained control where he specifies the DAX files and the submit directory )  
      • only the dashboard will run in multiuser mode
      • how do we start ensemble manager process
        • run as per user .
    • copying of catalog files to submit directory.

January 2015

Jan 14th, 2015