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  • Gideon changed the tutorial VM.
  • Put in backward support for old credential handling.
  • Mats started on an outline for the optimizations chapter.
  • next week's developer meeting is cancelled.
  • general Pegasus dependencies
    • python > 2.4 and less 3.0
    • in general, easier to build from source rather than from source RPMs
  • update Pegasus README
  • change the build.xml to say default build without docs. remove the dist-nodoc target. instead we will have ant dist-release as the default target
  • also we should start having documentation per minor release and not per major release as we do now.

March 24th, 2014

  • Pegasus 4.3.2 release done last week
  • storage constraints paper - gideon, rafael and karan worked on it.
  • karan worked on the hpc-pegasus setup.. has workflows running through PMC
  • karan and mats have a XSEDE tutorial proposal that will be submitted today
  • dv/dt paper rejected for HPDC. Will try for a middleware conference due mid may
  • 4.4 release
    • checkpointing solution
    • leaf cleanup for hierarchal workflows
    • md5checksum option for guc transfers
      • we won't follow up on kickstart generating the checksums, but tracking checksums in replica catalog.