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  • Pegasus 4.3.2 release done last week
  • storage constraints paper - gideon, rafael and karan worked on it.
  • karan worked on the hpc-pegasus setup.. has workflows running through PMC
  • karan and mats have a XSEDE tutorial proposal that will be submitted today
  • dv/dt paper rejected for HPDC. Will try for a middleware conference due mid may
  • 4.4 release
    • checkpointing solution
    • leaf cleanup for hierarchal workflows
    • md5checksum option for guc transfers
      • we won't follow up on kickstart generating the checksums, but tracking checksums in replica catalog.

March 17th, 2014


  • XSEDE poster and tutorial proposal
    • will get it done this week. mats and karan will work on it.
  • idafen will work on a workshop paper for xsede on reproducibility
    • 4 page limit
    • deadline is april 5th.
  • energy simulation for SC 2014
    • measure energy when running workflows
    • try to check if energy usage changes whether data is transferred to a site, or everything is executed at one site.
  • sane defaults for 4.4 for transfer jobs, pre scripts etc
    • transfer jobs
      • how many stage in jobs - 2 jobs and each job with 2 threads.
      • how many threads each transfer jobs - pegasus-transfer has a default to 2
      • pegasuslite job
        • change sls name ? property name change
        • control the number of threads
      • add a chapter called tuning workflows
        • mats will add about a section on tuning transfers.
        • setting clustering parameters.
      • changing back the default refiner to bundle???
    • cleanup job
    • change hold release time to one hour.
  • new transfer refiner
    • maybe can use k means clustering ?
  • leaf cleanup for hierarchal workflows
    • --cleanup leaf,inplace,none
    • tell the planner to throw a warning when
  • sudharshan's paper
    • emphasize that the goal is not improving the makespan.
  • 4.3.2 release
    • release notes checked in on friday
    • mats will tag after the release.
    • the service should be installed in the tutorial VM image.
  • Condor Categories
    • similar to dagman categories.
    • will condor accounting groups work??