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Table of Contents

May 2015

May 8th, 2015

Bamboo test failures

  • montage tests are failing because of the remote service being down
  • documentation tilte is messed up. gideon will look at it

pegasus-transfer new format

  • mats has come up with a new JSon format.
  • backward compatibility with the old format
  • create dir and cleanup jobs will be different


  • google doc shared with people
  • next steps are panorama use case for calling out
  • ssh cleanup . JGlobus library does not implement ftp


  • have started using PMC
  • data management

May 1st 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5 release
    • not heard back from SCEC and LIGO
    • mats checked in the example
    • will add release slider
  • Variable Expansion
    • pretty much done
      • right now we have $()
      • we will change with ${env-variable}
      • have more helpful error message 
  • pegasus-kickstart
    • file does not exist. now gives a proper error
  • XSEDE poster due next week
  • Monitoring Service API
    • donald is almost done.
  • PMC with PegasusLite
    • PMC job by default runs on the shared filesystem
    • tasks in PMC are pegasus lite tasks
    • if a task does randomio, then on shared fs might be tricky
  • brazilian student contacted about pegasus application for real workflows.
  • mats will be doing the transfer events for panorama next week