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Table of Contents

April 2015

April 24th 2015

April 17th 2015

  • Pegasus 4.5.0 Release
    • rc1 working for hub
    • LIGO trying it out.. wanted to change checkpoint files. need to hear back on the dashboard changes.
    • SCEC ? waiting to hear from Scott
    • pegasus-db-admin sqlalchemy issues? for updating tables?
    • pass through implemented for Glite to PBS
    • verification of update to pegasus version on running workflows
      • mats thinks his testing should do the trick.
  • Pegasus Dashboard for bamboo user
    • URL - 
      Authentication - Uses PAM Authentication 
      Admin Users - mayani, vahi, rynge, juve, rafsilva, darek, deelman
  • Cedars visit
    • SGE cluster
    • we have 3 potential SGI cluster users Cedars, Vision group at ISI and maybe Rutgers ( that will be replaced with SLURM)
  • Lavanya REST API
  • Pegasus 4.6 release
    • variable expansion thing figured out
      • argument strings in dax, profile values in the dax
      • site catalog. 
      • replica catalog file based one.
      • need to now make changes in various parsers
      • predefined environment variable
    • metadata
      • LIGO Dibbs .. ability to do data reuse based on metadata attributes
      • panorama - pegasus - aspen interface
      • iplant
        • they want in the IRODs
        • S3 tags.
      • mats wants a better idea of what it looks like in the ideal world.
    • file management on scratch directory, submit directory also?
    • implementation of the REST API
    • implementation for held job tracking
    • Panorama requirements
      • influx db monitoring , into pegasus-transfer. 
      • pegasus-transfer sends messages to rabbit mq about file size transferred
      • pegasus aspen interface ( modelling tool ) . apsen is a C++ library.. pegasus planner querying the aspen models for each node.
        • command line tool pegasus-aspen
        • planner needs to send application parameters, and all the metadata for the node.
        • gets back a list of attributes , memory and usage, and convert them internally into pegasus profiles
        • this can be a generator of metadata.
        • application model which is a file and a machine model 
      • timeseries data . monitoring data about the dashboard, anomalies 
      • there is a CEP thing that anirban is developing and will determine anomalies.
    • dv/dt requirements
      • prediction service
      • pegasus will query the prediction service