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Table of Contents

August 2013

August 26th, 2013

Pegasus 4.3 release

  • dagman metrics not implemented yet by kent. still in design phase.
  • testing stuff
    • unit tests running in bamboo.
  • add missing data dependencies
    • still checks and produces errors

Precip Logging

  • getting the metrics back

Pegasus Hold

  • how to get dagman stop submitting jobs
  • idle jobs need to go on hold.
  • we can send sigusr1 to dagman.
  • need to handle hierarchal workflows.
  • JDBC RC stuff


  • we will just update the existing version one.
  • have a python based RC for Replica Catalog.

Ensemble Manager Paper

  • Gideon will be working on it.

DAGMan replacement??

  • Software engg stuff.

August 19th, 2013

  • Pegasus 4.3 release
    • output mapper stuff implemented.
    • pegasus-statistics changes checked in by Rajiv
    • app metrics associated with the metrics report
      • can be used for RNASeq tracking and other applications
      • the metrics UI will be able to filter on the name.
  • Globus Online Support - move to 4.4 release
    • can only do certain parts of transfers.
    • for transfers from local submit host , we need to use globus connect
      • credentials issue
      • for submit host, there needs a local endpoint.
  • LIGO testing ?
    • prepare a pre release RPM for LIGO