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  • Pegasus development
    • deep submit directory structure working for submit directory on PM-833 branch. however need to move to relative directory paths in the .dag file , before merging back to master
    • gideon is reworking how kickstart online monitoring work
      • working on kickstart monitor that goes through the /proc/ filesystem with the assumption all apps installed via kickstart have the same process group as pegasus-kickstart
    • pegasus workshop on campus on tuesday. it is setup 
      • the tutorial is setup using pegasus-init
      • will ask mats to move the XSEDE tutorial to pegasus-init
  • raphael working on energy paper again
  • stephan paper to HPDC got accepted

March 11th, 2016


  • Pegasus development
    • R DAX API is done
      • will be proposing for CGSMD 
    • Deep hierarchy structure
  • LIGO meeting
    • do a local file copy against the staging site
      • having a separate staging site bogs down inter site transfers
    • metadata
      • they are interested. want monitord to transfer the stampede database to another location from the scratch submit directories
      • cannot really do it in monitord
      • can also potentially do it in pegasus-dagman
    • argument passing for sub workflows
      • will be done 4.6.1
    • jobs that work on output site directory.
    • credentials issue
    • variable substitution
      • will make use of it
    • submit directory and other directory organizations
      • are interested in using it

  • Rosa
    • wants to do something with pegasus