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  • Bamboo test failures
    • condor-c tests working now. changed the site catalog for those
    • rhel5 json module
    • pegasus-transfer will do a proper check and complain for missing json module
    • mats will update documentation accordingly
  • Python Dependencies
    • New python dependency 2.6 from 2.4
    • newer versions of Fedora uses Python 3
    • Fedora will keep python 2.x support till 2020.
    • maybe have a dynamic bash wrapper across python code to pick the right python version
    • have a tool called pegasus-python??
  • concurrency limits
    • apply to bamboo machine and our other workflow hosts.
    • throttle number of grid jobs per categories of jobs. that is what SCEC wants and cannot be done.
      • unless negotiation can be employed for grid universe jobs.
      • define own throttles in compute jobs
  • pegasus-dashboard
    • LIGO has an issue with no authentication URL rendering.
  • quoting for environment
    • implemented. changed both for environment and +remote_environment
  • docker universe support
    • should work out of the box with condorio
  • new dagman default values
  • pegasus-statistiscs
    • show bad put?
  • LIGO OSGdocumentation
  • Documentation
    • 10 minutes using pegasus-docbook
    • using new pipeline it uses 3 minutes
    • the hyperlinks don't work
    • include that into pegasus website template
    • In PHP we tell Google not to index old version
  • panorama

May 8th, 2015

Bamboo test failures