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Table of Contents

June 2015
June 12th, 2015


June 5th, 2015

  • panorama useless usecase and metadata passing through
    • not done yet for the metadata associated with files with replica catalog
    • DONT rebase commits that have been pushed out
  • job.runtime, cluster.maxruntime, maxwalltime parameters
    • how to associate profiles. have a different namespace
    • how is it expose in the DAX API
  • python dependency
    • stopped support for 2.5 and 2.6
    • only affects redhead 5 systems.
    • will have to install redhat 2.6 python package on 2.5
    • setup tools for python 2.6 has to be at build time
  • pegasus-dashboard updates for LIGO
  • cleanup bug for intercept runs with InPlace cleanup.
  • S3 storage
    • about 9TB and rising for pegasus system services backup
    • right now no backups are going to go to Glacier
    • we only keep 2 weeks of data
    • glacier is good if we want to keep 6 months of data
    • 3VM' for pegasus website , CROWD etc
    • database on stewy and obelix
    • qnaps /nfs/ccg3 and /nfs/ccg4
    • Big ticket items of 9TB backup bucket in S3
    • need to keep 2 backups in S3
  • HubBub talk.
    • abstract
  • talk by Jack Donagara.