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Table of Contents

April 2014

    April 21st, 2014

      • Pegasus Metrics
        • ewa sent out the report for metrics to Dan. we need to get her final version.
        • JIRA metrics
          • work log feature of JIRA - everybody does not find it useful.
          • all developers need to be diligent of putting tasks into JIRA
          • sub tasks in JIRA ???
        • performance improvement
          • get the data structures upto speed.
          • timing the cleanup is also important and canceling it if it goes too long
      • SI2 Tasks
        • Support Data as first class objects
          • file movement open JIRA item
          • data flow dependencies
        • Support annotations for runtime and files sizes
        • software review of streamlined
        • tutorial VM's
        • refine and document metrics
          • we have the confluence page that captures
        • metadata registration in catalogs
        • triggers for enhanced notifications for long runtimes
          • we personally feel
        • pegasus service
          • have a release and multi tenancy
          • sort out all the python stuff.
          • reconsider moving pegasus-service back into pegasus git repo
        • documentation for integrating pegasus
        • enhance feature coverage and testing framework.
          • unit test coverage
        • adopt a model on how others can contribute to pegasus
          • document the process how people can contribute.
      • Customer Survey
        • identify questions to ask.

April 14th, 2014

  • JIRA Policy Document or page
  • Pegasus Metrics
  • Pegasus Survey
    • Develop a list of questions .
    • Forward to Duncan CBC Group
  • New Default Transfer Refiner - BalancedCluster