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  • support for GO - mats is working on it
  • dashboard shows multiple workflows with same uuid. fixed in monitord
  • pegasus transfer was prepending path because of globus location
    • mats has changed the logic
  • SCEC wanted to disable the stat of files that was happening automatically because of registration turned on.
    • we now have the property that can explicitly turn it off
  • SCEC tripped over replica catalog insert performance. 
    • rafael working on it. identified the bottleneck
  • Catalog files in submit directories
    • will create a catalogs directory
    • what about file based replica catalogs and cache files etc? some of them can be large.
  • Pegasus Blogs
    • SCEC
    • RVGahp?
  • Website
    • highlight applications better.
  • workq has a catalog server running
    • how do jobs report real time monitoring information back to monitor without rabbitmq
    • have a condor submit wrapper
      • will help us increase memory requirements in case of failures.
  • PegasusLite to have pegasus-transfer invocations as kickstart records
    • kickstart 

February 12th, 2016

Pegasus development