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  • Add notification support to Pegasus
  • Moving auxillary tools to stampede db
  • Other Stampede Related Changes
  • Usability Changes
  • User Guide Reorganization 
  • Testing Framework and Testing.

JIRA Task Board Removed

Stampede Related Changes

Notification Support in Pegasus via monitord

  • Main JIRA Issue
  • Wiki Markup
    Monitord needs to be managed by Condor. What happens if monitord crashes or condor/system crashes? We want monitord to come up automatically as Condor recovers after a restart. *\[Fabio,Gaurang\]*
  • Wiki Markup
    Monitord needs to support notifications *\[Fabio\]*
  • Wiki Markup
    Requires changes to Pegasus to generate input file for monitord *\[Rajiv,Karan\]*
  • Wiki Markup
    Come up with default notify scripts in the toolkit that notify the user and generate some status reports. *\[Gaurang\]*
  • Changes to DAX Schema
    • Addition of invoke element at the workflow level
    • Wiki Markup
      Changes to python API *\[Gideon\]*
    • Wiki Markup
      Changes to Perl  API *\[Jens\]*
    • Wiki Markup
      Changes to JAVA API *\[Gaurang\]*
    • Wiki Markup
      Change to JAVA Parser *\[Karan\]*
    • Wiki Markup
      Fabio needs to make sure exitcodes are thrown correctly and restarts are handled correctly. *\[Fabio\]*