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Workflow TypeFigureExampleDAX
LEAD Mesoscale MeteorologyFigure 1 Image Added 
LEAD ARPS Data Analysis SystemFigure 2 Image Added


LEAD Data Mining WorkflowFigure 3 Image Added 
Storm Surge SCOOP WorkflowFigure 4 Image Added 
Floodplain MappingFigure 5 Image Added 
GlimmerFigure 6 Image Added 
Gene2LifeFigure 7 Image Added 
Motif NetworkFigure 8 Image Added 
MEME-MASTFigure 9 Image Added 
Molecular SciencesFigure 10 Image Added 
Avian FluFigure 11 Image Added 
caDSRFigure 12 Image Added 
Pan-STARRS LoadFigure 13 Image Added 
Pan-STARRS MergeFigure 14 Image Added 
McStasFigure 15 Image Added 

The code used to generate the above DAX files was written in Python and can be downloaded here.