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Table Of Contents:

Table of Contents

Last Updated Feb 28th , 2011

Main Focus

  • Improving how we get data to worker nodes. Being able to retrieve data on the worker nodes from various sources.
    • Refactor how clustered jobs are handled
    • Addition of staging-sites option to pegasus-plan
    • New Shell Job Wrapper for jobs when running on worker nodes
    • Changes to pegasus-cleanup
    • Changes to pegasus-createdir
    • Special S3 support into pegasus-transfer, pegasus-cleanup and pegasus create dir
    • Bypassing of staging-site while staging in input data
    • Bypassing of staging-site while staging out output data
    • Transfer of braindump file to remote workflow execution directories
  • Add notification support to Pegasus
    • Monitord needs to support notifications
    • Requires changes to Pegasus to generate input file for monitord
    • Come up with default notify scripts in the toolkit that notify the user and generate some status reports?.
  • Moving auxillary tools to stampede db
    • pegasus-statistics
    • pegasus-plots
    • pegasus-analyzer
  • Other Stampede Related Changes
    • Improve Rescue DAG semantics
    • Additional DB schema changes to be able to connect jobs/tasks in the DAX with corresponding kickstart records
  • User Guide Reorganization ? Dependant on Bill.