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  • On the PBS/Torque machine, install the latest version of Condor, but don't start any of the daemons. Then, create a script with these contents:
    export GLITE_LOCATION=/path/to/condor/lib/glite
    exec $GLITE_LOCATION/bin/batch_gahp "$@"
  • Name the script batch_gahp.wrapper. Modify the filepath in the script to point into your Condor installation.
  • NOTE The PBS/LSF glite code is only available on linux.

Installation on the submit machine


Note: Make sure you set the executable bits on the files.Then, add these

Condor Configuration on submit host

  • Add lines to your Condor config file


  • to point to remote_gahp to use for PBS or LSF submissions
  • Set up ssh keys such that you can ssh from your Condor submit machine to the PBS machine by entering a passphrase to decrypt the ssh private key. Place the passphrase in a file with read permissions restricted to you.


  • Modify remote_gahp downloaded to tell it about the PBS machine and how to contact it. Near the top, you'll see a data structure named REMOTE_HOSTS. Add a new entry containing
    • the PBS machine's hostname


    • the path to the batch_gahp.wrapper script on the PBS


    • machine
    • the path to the passphrase file on your submit machine.

Now, you're ready to submit a job. File transfer isn't supported at the moment, so you'll need to set up the executable, input files, and directory to hold output files on the PBS machine first. Then, you can submit a job using a description file like this:

  • Polling Interval for status of jobs in the remote queue
    Condor polls the remote batch queue periodically for the status of all the jobs. The default interval is 5 minutes. You can change this by setting INFN_JOB_POLL_INTERVAL in your Condor config file. The value is the time between polling in seconds.

Sample Submit File to submit to PBS using SSH

grid_resource=pbs remotesukhna.machineisi.nameedu
arguments #arguments=300

+remote_queue indicates the remote PBS queue
+remote_iwd is the remote directory in which you want the job to execute
output and error keys point to a directory on the remote PBS machine where you want stdout and stderr to go.