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  • Attendees Ewa, Karan, Dan, TahgridTaghrid, Monte and Martin
  • Tahgrid Taghrid working on a proposal . 500K? over 3 years. Tahgrid Taghrid will send a version to Ewa to look at by end of next week.
  • Doing some experiments on Future Grid
    • Dan needs to get an account on FG or already has
    • Dan says Tahgrid Taghrid should get an account.
    • Jens runs on Future Grid. Periodogram workflow on Future Grid.
    • Dan has some modifications to kickstart in mind.
    • He will put in a request in Pegasus JIRA .
  • Paper Deadline
    • List of experiments to be done.
    • HPDC too close . Maybe some workshop at HPDC that has a later deadline.
    • SC submission is a possibility ( April 27th )
  • Status of the dashboard
    • Same as what was shown in SC.
    • Stephanie will be doing some scalability tests against the database API. Write a performance API test suite.
  • Integration with Periscope
    • Dan is interested in doing it. But not sure whether LBNL will have time to do it.
    • He feels the right time to look at periscope will be when they start doing runs on FG.
  • Follow on to Stampede Proposal
    • Ewa and Dan want to do something.
    • STCI proposals are now pushed into Si2.


Attending: Dan, TahgridTaghrid, Chris, Fabio, Karan and Prasanth