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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


The XML schema for a site catalog is defined at Removed

Grid Site

The grid site is any site where you want to submit jobs


  • AIX
Code Block
<site  handle="isi_viz" arch="x86" os="LINUX">


  1. Each site which deploys a cluster should create an XML snippet for the Site as per the site catalog schema.
    1. The site administrator is responsible for maintaing the information in the site catalog snippet.
    2. This XML snippet should be available via http on their site.
    3. The site administrator will record the url to this xml snippet and the site id in a central DB specifiying that a site has been made active or currently inactive
    4. This registration can be done by running the sql command directly or providing a simple wrapper script to do the registration
  2. A Nagios plugin needs to be written that will query this database at regular intervals to collect the list of available active sites and site catalog snippets urls
    1. This plugin/script will fetch the sitecatalog snippet from each active site.
  3. The nagios plugin will parse the site catalog snippet and do the tests that are currently statically fed to nagios. i.e. Test for Gridftp, Test for jobmanagers etc..
    1. Onces the tests for a site succeed the nagios plugin will add the xml snippet to a master sitecatalog file that it maintains and makes available via a webserver
  4. a simple wrapper script can be provided around standard tools like wget or curl to fetch this master sitecatalog at regular intervals by running cron jobs on each submit node.
    1. The user could also use the download script to download the latest sitecatalog..