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November  2018

Nov 29th, 2018

  • Ryan
    • working on comparison paper with george on workflow systems
    • mats, karan shared neon meeting notes with Ryan
  • Pegasus 4.9.1 release
    • Due for december end
    • potential issue in monitord in reference to hierarchal organization of submit directories
    • pegasus-submitdir
  • ADASS Paper
    • due tomorrow
    • need to add information about sample run
  • SWIP paper
    • mats and karan will work on it tomorrow afternoon.
    • cull out sections
    • add information about updated monitoring in 4.9
  • OLCF Kubernetes 
    • Condor is installed and configured as root
    • George tried condor log directory to lustre as condor in container has to run as user not as root
    • LOG_DIR should be /tmp
    • volumes can be attached to container to contain workflows etc
  • Dynamo 
    • Do dynamic scheduling
    • George thinking of using flocking
    • similar to what is done in OSG
    • non-sharedfs deployments should work

Nov 1st, 2018

  • Pegasus 4.9.0 and 4.8.5 Released
    • We released it this week.
  • Pegasus Business Card
    • Advocate for job postings. 
      • Postdoc options
      • Programmers
    • We should take to conferences with us
  • Pegasus JAVA 8 dependence in RPM
    • there is a disconnect between RPM and
    • Karan working on a wlpipe demo example
  • New Student
    • Mukund 
  • Duncan started using 4.9.0 and has updated pyCBC to use singularity
    • changed our container execution model
    • all transfers done within the container now.