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  • Pegasus 4.7.3 Release
    • 4.7.3 release.
      • condor stable release has been released.
      • we will tag next friday one way or other
      • fix monitord replay mode
      • crosscheck with rajiv on dashboard 
      • centralized mysql server for master workflow dashboard
        • LIGO wants to host a mysql server for master workflow databases
        • Mats will like to see something similar 
        • also look at some publish subscribe options
  • Rafael give an update on the container
    • docker universe
      • htcondor support i think is mainly geared towards startds
    • preinstall software in user containers
    • another model is to let pegasus figure out data and executables
    • rafael did stuff in pegasus lite stuff
      • will have to rewrite proxy and credential environment variables
      • also how is the environment is rewritten
    • good to have a generic concept of multi-level wrappers
    • need to have a pegasus-docker-wrapper or pegasus-container-wrapper to do launch docker or singularity 
    • lets target pegasus lite mode first
    • little bit of data passing.
  • Rafael will have a student to take forward the docker swarm stuff

January 13th, 2016

  • Pegasus 4.7.3 Release
    • sub workflows 
    • better error message for pegasus-transfer when source files don't exist
    • pegasus-kickstart
      • improve error message
    • dashboard to better separate kickstart  and pegasus lite messages
    • Potential SCEC issued with RV-GAHP
  • results of qualtrics user survey
  • Pegasus 4.8 
    • swip stuff for 4.8
    • have sent emails for their use cases