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  • does stime include io wait time. does not appear so. the cp of 1GB file indicates that
    • so then is there a way to capture the IO wait time
  • pegasus-db-admin
    • version migration for panorama works
    • metadata schema finalized
  • failing jdbc RC test
  • metadata population
    • metadata population from DAX working
    • metadata attributes from transformation catalog and site catalog are now incorporated, as metadata events are generated at end of site selection
    • output file sizes will be populated for files with register flag set to true.
  • pegasus dashboard
    • metadata display done other than the file information that needs to be populated
  • cleanup algorithm
    • will be done before raphael leaves for vacation
  • website changes
  • panorama changes
    • monitord change to make sure events don't get dropped
    • online monitoring spawns a thread where there is a queue  that is responsible for inserting the online monitoring events into the db
    • the thread checks the database to make sure the job instance is populated.
    • CURRENTLY, it is not done for the anomaly populations. 
  • SNS and Acme workflow
    • maybe we can hire a student to do it
    • maybe scalarm can be used for SNS workflows
    • Ben said there is a meeting about Pegasus on Titan.

October 9th, 2015

Pegasus development