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  • Pegasus development
    • kickstart wrappers
      • process explosion.
      • eventually we would want it to be in the workflow.
        • handle these wrappers as credentials in the workflow. 
        • what are class of files that are always required.
      • KICKSTART_WRAPPER in kickstart
        • was done for the PAPI stuff originally.
    • pegasus-init for OSG
      • pegasus-init 
    • R examples?
      • rafael will do it in june.
    • job held scenarios
      • open with htcondor admin .. a job should never goto the held state
      • maybe pegasus should do quick retry for small workflows
        • for large workflows retries should happen at a longer delay
      • for workflows less than 100 nodes held duration should be small, and failures maybe should be triggered earlier
      • not for large workflows
    • revisit whether clustered jobs should be based on size of the cluster or the number of jobs
      • mats no longer likes the idea of having fixed number of transfers
    • deep directory structure for the workflows
      • can splinter move to using them?
        • right now they are condor io
        • on the data side it deep directory structure will only work 
      • Mats tried with condor 8.5.4 on comet.

May 6th, 2016

  • Pegasus development
    • moved the submit directory creation stuff to the mapper interface
      • reorganized the code for it.
    • on the execution site for nonsharedfs case we will enable for the dashboard
    • dashboard works mostly
      • only improvement is on the file browser side. will open a JIRA item for it
    • database changes
      • for 4.7 we will add extra columns to workflow state and job state tables.
    • the dashboard needs to show the better the task metadata better for 4.7
  • pegasus tutorial for virtual summer school.
    • will be based on the XSEDE tutorial
    • bluewaters will setup a VM for the tutorial.
    • Scott will do an introduction and an overview.