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  • Required Duration 5 minutes
  • Request for a graphics art student graphics video student.
  • Target Audience - Program Managers at various funding agencies
      • highlight capabilities.
      • environments where Pegasus can be run in.
  • Interactive Demo or Demo Video?
    • We feel that video , is more useful and highlight the real cases.
      • a synthetic workflow is not a good demowe , and no workflow finishes in 5 minutes
      • We want to highlight real world science application areas
      • should not be a tutorial
  • Video Storybook Outline
    • Introduce Pegasus and it's capabilities
    • Highlight different supported execution environments
    • Current users and applications
    • show case capabilities
    • and current users and applications
    • Impact of Pegasus and achieved by using Pegasus
    • where all Pegasus can be executed on.
      • Impact of Pegasus and achieved by using Pegasus
      • Have people from each field (or subset from list below) give a 30 second video on how Pegasus helps the their science
        • LIGO
        • Earth Sciences
          • SCEC
          • Franks Frank's Workflow
        • Astronomy
        • Bioinformatics
          • Imputation Imputation  - Steve / Tara
          • iPlant workflows - SoyKB etc
          • QC Systems
      • should not be a tutorial
    Video Storybook Outline
          • - CGSMD
    • the latter half will be screenshots of the dashboard or walk through
    Finding the right person
    • setting up the workflow and then screenshots of dashboard.
  • Video Developer
    • eventually we will have to identify videos we like.
  • What do we show?
    • Application
      • Should have some pretty output
      • science should be explainable to the layman
    • Where do we run
      • ?
    • How do we present runs
      • Workflow Dashboard