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December 2014

Dec 8th, 2014

  • metrics server update
    • minor bugs in the UI... still need to be fixed, especially how the session states are handled
    • things remaining to do
      • database/server side pagination
      • figure out the scroll issue for the trend charts
      • move the trends charts from the home page to under planner and download tabs
      • rename run metrics to dagman metrics, and instead of showing the most number of times a workflow was run, we want to see the top applications for which dagman workflows were run
      • for the time bar on the top, have drop down menu for years and months
      • can the maps pin show the actual number, for example in the top downloads map thing
  • monitord fixes
    • for the race issue with postscript handling PM-798
      • had to change the way stdout and stderr is populated for job_instance. It is now populated with the POST_SCRIPT_TERMINATED event happens
  • pegasus-analyzer fixes
    • show the planner log when prescript for sub dax fails. PM-808
  • we want to release 4.4.1 before the break.
    • has monitord fixes that LIGO requires
  • tracking held jobs
    • decided to add a column in the jobstate table to capture why a job was held
  • changes to pegasus-keg
    • to simulate reading in input and writing out of output files
    • will also simulate cputime and walltime
    • initially pegasus-keg will read in and write out the outputs and then do the sleep for the cpu time duration
    • removing the system information that it prints out
    • in the mpi version, the IO is solely done by the master.

December 3rd, 2014

  • Update from Duncan on LIGO dashboard requirements
    • run a flask module from apache
    • let apache handle authentication
    • read only dashboard view
    • have a separate flask frontend.
    •  they are ok with a command line tool to remove workflow entries 
    • port collisions .. so they prefer apache to do the handling.
  • failed jdbrc unit test case
  • glite quoting for the environment
  • pegasus-dashboard delete workflows capability
  • failing workflow reporting in the dashboard
  • monitord to follow condor job log
  • db admin tool updates