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Table of Contents

March 2015

March 20th, 2015

March 13th, 2015

  • Metrics Server
    • deployed on the production server.
    • want to do anything on basis of distribution of files
    • donald will create a new histogram page ,
  • Pegasus NSF Report
    • sent to Ewa
  • Pegasus 4.4.2 release
    • karan will check in release notes today
  • Pegasus Tutorial as part of HPC Workshop Series in April
  • Gideon will be going to the summer school.
  • Pegasus 4.5.0 release
    • Targeting May 1st release
    • local-scratch is picked up.
    • ensemble manager submission
      • will support both modes
      • bundle mode
      • public ensemble manager. there are security issues. user credentials.
      • the person who starts the service will setup the credentials
    • pegasus-analyzer fix for case where jobs eventually succeed after failures
    • pegasus-db-admin update
      • ds
    • transfer grouping of staging jobs
    • Pending items
  • User Questionnaire
    • 12 responses for
    • a lot of people are interested in a workshop
    • better support for loops and branches
    • better provenance support .
  • Workflows on Google and Amazon
    • google takes much longer to do data transfers.
    • non shared fs and shared fs
  • metadata
  • Panorama
    • Demo in September of Panorama functionality
    • getting data transfer metrics out of pegasus-transfer in structured way
    • what data we need to collect
    • for third party transfers we can do timings but not rates
    • darek is working on adding real time monitoring to pegasus-kickstart
    • pegasus transfer will communicate to pegasus-kickstart to report to a central server
      • can be a http server similar to metrics server
      • panorama is considering influx DB for real time monitoring.