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March 6th, 2015

  • metrics server update
    • plans to deploy the changes today. fixing last issue
    • still has to make the database schema changes required for planner file counts
      • will be done next week
  • planner reports file breakdowns
  • pegasus 4.4.2 release
    • it has fixes LIGO is interested.
    • most probably next week.
  • pegasus-db-admin
    • reorganization of the code and the schema.
  • pegasus-archive /pegasus-delete
    • rafael does not have time to work on these because of proposal work
    • will move to either gideon or mats
  • pegasus-dasboard updates
  • ensemble manager
  • dashboard updates
    • has more LIGO requests for pegasus 4.5.0 release
    • wsgi script for root mode
  • LIGO visit
    • post 4.5 we will do better organization of files on the file structure
    • Pegasus poster for LIGO meeting
  • ensemble manager
    • scec folks will try it
    • monitord netlogger bugfix
  • pegasus-transfer enhancements for panorama
  • NSF report
    • still waiting to hear from mats and scott
    • karan is still updating the metrics page.

February 2015

Feb 20th, 2015