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  • Ensemble Manager - User Authentication
    • initially gideon is working on a PAM based approach
  • refactored netlogger dead code
  • Workflow Checkpointing support - ongoing
  • Google Compute Engine
    • related to google genomics
    • put in support for GCE transfer tool to interact with Google Storage ( their S3 equivalent)
    • put in credential handling in the planner.
    • fits well with long term planning for pegasus.
  • Replica Catalog Service

August 18th, 2014

  • Data Reuse Partial Mode
  • Service integration
  • Profiles and Properties Documentation
    • Scope Column in the properties documentation ( transformation, job and global )
    • in profiles documentation corresponding property key
  • pegasus-service integration
    • need to integrate the documentation
  • redhat 5 builds
    • partially... because of 2.4 installed version pegasus-s3 fail
  • authentication mechanism
  • pegasus-service-admin migrate option
  • new tool pegasus-db-admin
  • get a new 32 bit VM with cents 6.5
  • also centos 7 VM
  • add a setup task that cleans $HOME/.pegasus in bamboo infrastructure.
  • Docker Kernel Problem
    • if a docker build running and you stop the build, then the whole thing crashes
    • one solution is to upgrade the kernel version.
    • cartman OS can be changed or move the docker builds to a VM.