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  • monitord fix for LIGO
    • pegasus plan prescripts were not logged in the database.
  • checkpointing files
    • karan will create a JIRA item and send it to ligo folks for comment.
  • transfer fix
  • held jobs ?
  • separate pegasus plan planning jobs jobs
    • throttle jobs via category.
  • real full ahead planning 
    • plan full ahead -
    • will help in debugging workflows
  • hierarchal workflows planner arguments in the prescript wrapper shell scripts.
  • final cleanup job for the workflow
  • fix for iplant workflows cleanup.  previously generated files whose locations are determined in the replica catalog should not be cleaned up


Workflow reproducability ( idafen )

  • document the infrastructure that was used to generate the workflows
  • created ontologies to describe infrastructure. 
  • precip API 
    • expressed an interest  in it . 
    • he focuses not  on how to deploy, but instead to describe the infrastructure
    • then do experiments that take in his description and deploy it using precept

Feb 2014

February 24th, 2014